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XP Modification for PocketPC 3.0 - Does what it says on the tin

Windows Mobile BSODThis set of apps made by team.fluxion does as it says, its a modification for Windows Mobile which gives the user the experience of using XP on their device.

Read on to see what it looks like!

I noticed this mod on xda-devs news feed & went over to the application thread to see what it was about.

It turned out to be a rather good app, showing the XP UI on your phone!
After downloading & installing I found it worked quite well.
Its quick & responsive & looks quite convincing.

Here’s a video of it in use:

Now, as I said in the video, its quite fun for the novelty of it, but I doubt many people would cope with using it in daily life. It could end up a bit fiddly, plus it lacks access to device settings (or so I could see).

Overall, I think team.fluxion has done a good job of bringing that good old XP style to our WinMo devices.

To check it out for yourself, go to the thread over on xda-devs (direct download)

If you have any thoughts about this, please leave us a comment below!

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  • Ansari Kamran Ahmed Azad

    Thanks for everything.
    You might even like to try our XP Modification for Pocket PCs v3.2 which is already uploaded on our website ( as well as

    Tn. Ansari Kamran Ahmed Azad
    Co-Owner, team.fluxion
    Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking
    Diploma in Industrial Electronics

  • manoj

    Not working on HTC P3400, WM-5

  • Nuri ould el-Bedawi

    does it work with wm 2003? We have 2 Samsung i700′s which we only use as handhelds with wifi chips, but they work fine otherwise…Peace!

  • Umair

    It shows an error message as
    Resource file,
    “Microsoft.VisualBasic resource” not found
    on my HTC P3400i

  • Tunex

    were can i download the microsoft.visual basic resource file. Please anyone help.