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| August 27, 2014

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XBL Games make more money on WP7 than Android.. but Consumers pay more on WP7 |

There are some really interesting sales figures for Top WP7 And Android games released recently which implies that Games released under Microsoft Game Studio as xBox Live games are doing quite well. We have seen that some free game makers have got some nice success story on WP7 and now we have some info via Multiple sources ( IMA, MD, WMPU ) which shows that games released as xBox Live Games are making more money than the same game released for Android.



There are a few things to note here :

  1. Prices are a lot higher on Windows Phone 7 than Android.
  2. XBL Games gets huge promotion from Microsoft in the Marketplace.
  3. Windows Phone 7 Consumers are willing to pay for quality content.

Games like Need for Speed Underground have had quite a bit of download on Android but when you look at the revenue generated by the Game on both platform the it does not look like there is much of a difference. Now lets take a look at Fruit Ninja the sales and revenue figures have sky rocketed for this game on Windows Phone 7.

NOTE : Android stats are from December 2010 and Windows phone 7 stats from January 2011



So the developers are doing good on WP7 that is good to know but why are the consumers having to pay more ? That is just the US price , in Australia we pay $4 for Fruit Ninja .. :(, something to do with international tax ( I never got my head around that , if you have any idea why do share it via the comments ). Now on to why XBox Live games are more pricey on WP7…

The minimum price for any xBox live game has to be $2.99 , as stated by Microsoft. ( of course FREE is possible too but if its a paid app the min price has to be $2.99 ). I am guessing xBox Live games go through a different certification process , Quality testing and the devs have to tie in achievements and leaderboard to the game. Plus we have good collection of Indie Games for $0.99 / Free so consumers have a choice of games the 0.99c games and premium games from xBox live which offers Microsoft Gamer Points and social gaming features, which Indie Games can offer as well with OpenXlive. And I am also quite confident that as more consumers pick up Windows Phone 7 , the price for apps and games will get much more competitive and that will be good news for consumers :). With the recent Nokia Microsoft Alliance, we will soon have more devs and consumers coming in as WP7 users which will benefit the ecosystem ( or platform as I like to call it but every one seems to throw around the e word a lot these days )


  1. victor roos

    once netherland is supported, I will be on of them ;)

  2. Steven Stadnicki

    Presumably the reason that Fruit Ninja made so much more on WP7 than on Android in the comparison timeframe was that it’s only been available on WP7 for the last month, whereas the Android version has been around for a year and is in the long tail of its sales. Given that appbrain lists the total download count for Fruit Ninja on Android somewhere north of 250K, this seems to make a lot more sense to me.

    • Edwin

      @Steven Stadnicki I agree with you. It’s like when Angry birds was ported to Android: number 1 game to be downloaded for almost two weeks. Was it because of the quality of the game or maybe because, at last, a good game was available for Android.

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