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| August 28, 2014

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Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Concept

Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Concept
Yanko Andreev

The next version of Windows is already on his way. Windows 8.1 builds recently leaked onto the web, and includes a lot of new things. The border between desktop, tablet and phone is increasingly shrinking.

My concept improve the idea of cloud-syncing – all settings you care about, files, preferences and browser favorites are always sync between all kind of Windows 8 devices. I also focus on the system introduction during the first loading – short presentation of most important Windows Phone features. This is a good way for people who try Windows Phone for the first time to get to know the platform in an easy and accessible way.

1-Welcome screen

2-Welcome 2 3-Start screen 4-All apps 5-Device center 6-Multirasking 7-Files 8-Cloud 9-Start

New Start – in Windows Phone 8.1 for the first time will see Full HD screens. In this situation, a device with a display larger than 5 inches and 1080p, it is possible to increase the number of the current two medium-sized Live-Tiles up to three in a row. This practically means that the current Live-large Tiles, will occupy only 2/3 of the screen, and the number of small Live-Tiles can be increased from the current four to six in a row.

10-Start screen

Introduction of All apps screen - Now you can group the apps for easy access in custom lists. Many people complain of the difficulty of finding applications when they become too much. The new way is great for organizing apps in custom thematic groups. There are three buttons in the bottom of the screen – for adding new groups, editing the existing and options.

11-All apps 1 12-All apps2

Device center is the new center for notifications and quick settings. Swipe from the left side from any location or app to open the new Device center – all of your notifications and quick settings in one place. There are a lot of speculations about the notifications in Windows Phone – you can see my first concept for Notification center here.

13-Device center 14-Device center2

Files – next up, the SkyDrive app, or as it’s now called, the Files app. It allows browsing through the local phone system and your SkyDrive cloud. This app is practically two apps in one, being both a file phone explorer and SkyDrive app. This file manager is allows you to manage your files and folders. Easily navigate, open, preview, rename, copy, move, delete, search and share files and folders. Browse your documents and folders faster in the Favorites tab.


Hope so to enjoy this concept and my vision of Windows Phone 8.1.

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  1. Jesper

    If only 2 or 3 of these amazing concept apps would become reality my WP-usage would become so much easier and smooth. This one and the facebook concept-app is my favorites. PLEASE MICROSOFT MAKE THIS REALITY!!

  2. jimmyz

    Your concept looks amazing like what I see. The only problem is for notifications you couldn’t drag from them left because people would whine and cry and say WP copied BB if you drag from the too down they will say WP copied Android. Has to be something totally different. Other than that I think your concept is fairly amazing I would like to see it implemented at least some of it..

    • stalkerpro21

      two finger pinch in maybe???

      • Kevin Lewis

        I always envisioned this as an extension of the multitasking pane. You enter multitasking, then swipe right to get to quick settings/notifications.

        • Arun Kumar

          or it could be left of the homescreen or a swipe past the app list

  3. Greg

    Holy crap. I really like windows phone as it is, of purse it could always be better, but all these changes would just blow the competition away. I can’t even put into words how awesome these changes would be. Microsoft, please.

  4. dayasalion

    Wow. I’m.blown away. Your concepts look so beautiful and well thought out. I agree, if MS made these changes you could forget about the competition. Good work.

  5. Girish Panicker

    It’s awesome, your concept WP has everything needed into a smartphone. If microsoft adopt this pattern, then we should have the Best among all (mobile phones).
    Hats off sir, really great job.

  6. micheal

    I really like everything in the concept but it only gives me ideas to expand more. Lets take the concept of grouping similar apps and make it more powerful (which windows phone does really well). Make the groups more like the people hub on current Gen phones, and give quick info of all the apps listed in the groups. Or maybe even give the user the ability to make there own customizable hubs! Think of the possibilities.

    • Duk3togo

      You mean like the ability to create hubs and pining them on the home screen? Or something like the games hub??

  7. Hui

    It was pretty interesting in the beginning. But later it became too andriod-ish, defeated the clean and neat Metro UI cue. Device center is too busy. Rather had it only shows notification and leave all the setting stuff to the multitask screen.

  8. Alok

    I’d never been to this website before today, but I saw your article on the Windows Phone News app (WP7). I signed up here just to say that your concept is truly amazing. I have a background in User Centered Design, and in my opinion, your concept is very thoughtful in regard to information flow and usability. The designs are pretty good as well. Hope this gets picked up at Microsoft, and I hope somebody in the right position recognizes your talent.

  9. Kassem Mezher

    I’ve been using windows phone for quite a long time and your concept is all I ask for Windows Phone to be perfect. Really love it. The step after this update would be a Windows OS for phone, tablets and PC !

  10. ramki

    Brilliant job :)


    Bro…your concept is truly awesome…i hope Microsoft would bring all these features with WP 8.1 or 8.2 …

    U can RELAX n BE PROUD wen MSFT Implements ur efforts….

  12. I like a concept. Will see what MS can do for us :)

  13. Pulkit

    Awesome concepts! I would love to see them implemented on WP8. I hope you are submitting these designs to Microsoft. Just bring these to their notice anyhow! I am sure these are the nest designs they will ever find. :)
    Great work! Keep it up! :D

  14. Great!love metro ui^

  15. Kirill

    Did you ever hear about Application Bar in Windows Phone? If Microsoft ever need to put link to background task list from app switcher, they would put button or menu item on it.

  16. IceCake

    This looks really cool. Great concept!!!! Hope MicroSoft will take heed. :)

  17. Really love the concept. Unlike some other concepts, it actually convinced me that the composer uses and understands the logic behind Windows Phone. The concept also further brings Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 closer to each other, I think.

    Now I just pray the guys in Microsoft actually listens to it and ACT QUICKER.


    Just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well done man, phenomenal.

    My dream now is:
    * Nokia with >5″ 1080p pure motion display
    * Advanced pure view camera >13MP with Xenon flash and double video shots!
    * All Nokia services
    * Nokia build quality!!!
    * the great windows phone with your great concept!!
    * what else? yes, the most important thing, a mind blowing battery life (or just removable battery)!!!!
    that’s it…. is that difficult? listen Nokia and MS please.


    Windows phone lacked notification center but this WP-8.1, has covered all major drawbacks and the new app Center, notification tabs are just cool.
    Loved the design! needed to see these changes as early as possible,

    Now it’s time to say GoodBye to Android (it’s been long seeing you, pal)

  20. Leone

    Posted your idea on forums! check it out if you wanna see what people are saying! I really like the ideas, but you went a little off on some of the ideas in respect to the metro design! But love the start screen

  21. Feanor

    I liked your concept but wouldn’t it be better to have the option of which direction to swipe in for notifications? Especially for us left-handers :D

  22. Rodrigo


  23. Erick

    Microsoft needs to hire Yanko right away. This and the Facebook concept would kill the competition.

    • Alf

      You’re being ironic right?

  24. exclusive post

  25. not imprisive .. i hope in 8.1 vs all above missing option are enable and background live wallpaper and many more basic features are inbuild and make user friendly os like android . i how this is comming soon relealse and free all for wp8 upgrade

  26. yloops

    Bloody love this, looks incredible, add a lumia with pureview 41mp and I’m ready to throw my money at it…

  27. Alf

    Why do people keep insisting on forcing android and ios key components into WP concepts. I do not like this concept one bit. It goes againt everything WP. I chose this platform because i wanted NO CLUTTER and this concept is a mess. I’m confident that none of this garbage will be in the actual next “version”.

  28. Concept is awesome! Closing apps in multitasking screen is good, rather than going into the app and spamming the back button. Regardless of the OS, notifications and quick toggles are always welcomed. Their file manager looks good too. Indeed very nice concept.

  29. Zlatan

    Good ideas and good implementation. I don’t see nothing related to android – the metro interface is unique and can not be mistaken. Love your works guys!

  30. dui

    F**cking awesome. Hope It can be implemented soon. But where is the lockscreen concept?

  31. Andrei

    Great job, Beautiful concept for Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft and HTC, is so hard to do this?

  32. mori

    Would really like to see this in action ;)

  33. Nice concept with really good ideas. I’d love to see this in action too.

  34. Mhammed Abu-Serrieh

    Enjoyed it ??!
    Man I completely Loved it, what a Hell of a concept Yanko…Just Brilliant !!

    Hope to see the new update trying to even coming near this Amazing concept of yours.
    and more thing; You’re totally AWESOME dude !!

  35. starshie

    oh man this is amazing. i would love to see this

  36. This is a FUTURE of WP!!! Come on…

  37. nice!

  38. Good afternoon.

    I would like you to know. Is it possible anywhere to download firmware Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Tsontsept for my phone HUAWEI W1 on the OS Windows Phone 8.

    Please send me the answer to my E-Mall:

    • There is no official or leak Windows Phone 8.1 for now. Microsoft announce official release of Windows 8.1 (Blue) for June 26. Probably they will present Windows Phone 8.1 later.

  39. MarcinKonrad

    Awesome idea, details, design! I hope Microsoft will hunt You for designsers team, or even Nokia ;-)

  40. orko138


  41. Dawid31Lumian

    Give IT on wp7
    Make this updata for WP7

  42. Gurmeet Singh

    very nice concept.i hope microsoft will think about this.
    Hey Mate,you Got Any Answer from Microsoft about your 8.1???

  43. JayMike

    I tweeted

  44. TryllZ

    This should go on 8.1…looks fantastic, amazingly good…

  45. Anton182cool

    so,, when can i upgrade to wp 8.1??

  46. Abhilash

    I simply loved the concepts. Really amazing and brilliant.

  47. florelix

    This is just exceptional. Microsoft better looks at this and makes this happen!! This is the greatest concept ever.

  48. Ravi Shankar Vishwakarma

    Windows Phone Always Awesome……..

  49. naveen kumar

    superb phone may i know the price

  50. It’s excellent in how it introduces the user to the new interface, relates the user to Windows 8 and… well, notification/device center :-)

  51. Would the user have an option of 2 different “overall” sizes, if they wanted a less cluttered look?

    Like say you have a 720p screen or smaller, you still have only 4 tiles of width. And even if you have a 1080p screen, you can opt for the “4 tile size.” You would not be able to use the new full 6 tile wide size, but for some, the screen would not look as “cluttered.”

    Finally – this depresses me because I think that Microsoft will probably be too arrogant to take all these great ideas and implement them. They’ve been moving slowly, and working on updates that allow hardware manufacturers to release phones on new carriers, which is good, but they haven’t been showing us much innovation with their updates since WP8 was released.

  52. Sepehr

    COOL !!!
    And I think there should be a simple multitasking option, in my opinion it would be so useful!

  53. Terry George

    This is actually great! I hope Microsoft takes some tips from this lmao!

  54. Anonymous

    it’s hard to choose, i like this concept along with this conept ui i found on youtube, combination of both would be great

  55. Jordan C Walsh

    LIKES: closing apps in app-switcher!!!, device info center, two tile size options, phone intro screens, and GROUPING APPS!!

    JUST OK: the SkyDrive app (looks a little too busy, I’m sure its got tons of useful features, but too much and it becomes a chore to remember where everything is inside the app), Large Clock and Weather Tile (a little too Android for my taste, and it doesn’t seem to match the metro UI as well, also, what about a two finger swipe down for the calendar, clock, and weather in a small drop screen about the same size as that extra large tile)

  56. Will H

    I don’t like the swipe from left idea, too easy to open when you don’t want it to, and I can see and hear the frustration already. How about you tap the start button and slide up? Its not continuous touch screen, but I can’t see it being very hard to make it a recognized gesture. Any one else got any thoughts about this? I put it on suggestion box but that app is really terribly laid out and full of awful ideas about apps.

  57. dalan

    I’m first time using the windows phone and I don’t know how to get the concept 8.1 blue.. Can give me link to download or learn me how to get this..

    • ilovegoogleglass

      This is a concept.

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