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WP7 Root Tools v0.12 Alpha by Heathcliff74

WP7 Root Tools v0.12 Alpha by Heathcliff74

We have been sent a pre-release review copy of Heathcliff74′s WP7 Root Tools, So we have created a short video showing its features.

New additions include a tweeks menu that was hidden until now, and a certificates store,

The new tweeks include ;
Internet Explorer Search Provider, with a choice of Bing, Google or Yahoo.
Show 3G toggle,
Allow apps in background,
Prevent Relock,
Allow remote debugging,
Camera shutter sound,
Soft camera shutter sound,
Lock Screen,
Allow infinite lock screen timeout,
Bluetooth Audio.

There are warnings attached to two of the options to help you understand what you are doing to your device.

We will keep you posted on its official release , you can also keep an eye out on

Check out the video below for more information.

UPDATE: New video.

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  • Heathcliff74

    Hey guys, thanks for the nice review! I just wanted to add yet a few more new features that are present in this new version:

    - Policy Unlock v2 will allow you to run Native Homebrew Executables. It will also allow you to use apps like WMDC-launcher for full remote file-system and registy-access from your PC.
    - Lauch apps from applist in app.
    - Applist also includes all system-apps now.
    - File-explorer has new features like multi-file operations (tap on left of file) and “advanced file-system-search” (search-button in applicationbar).
    - “Advanced registry-search”

    I also wanted to say that your new site-layout rocks!! Really beautiful!


  • Heathcliff74

    Ohh.. and, of course.. the new version supports at least 12 languages. And more languages will be added later on. :)

    • Abe Alexander

      Hey could you pls help me on how to root your Omnia w from start

      Pls pls help me

  • Tashtan

    I would pay $3 for this if not free. But if this [program works so many WP7,8 users will be thankful.

  • arandomguy

    How do you root a HTC radar from the start and when I click download on my phone to download rooting software it says error windows phone doesn’t support this file