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wp7 games : Beastware's Droid Assault

Beastware is a new startup who will be developing games for windows phone 7. These guys ( Christian Hood, 17, and Eric Lo, 16 ) are the winners of Imagine Cup 2010 finals held in Poland. Their entry was a 2D XNA game called “Droid Assault”. Along with a prize money they were the first non-Microsoft developers to get a Windows Phone 7. Check out a short demo of the game in the video above. Anand Iyer has posted a vidoe interview of them and some details of the game on

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  • GTRoberts

    Wow! could these guys be any more excited about this?!! You can hear the interviewer TRYING to get them ‘interested’ but nope…

    • Saijo George

      true.. :)

    • Christian

      We are excited, it just doesn’t show :P

      • Saijo George

        hi Christian

        Congrats on the WIN. Head you boys got a WP7 dev device is it the LG or Samsung Prototype ? Any chance for a hands on demo video about the device ?

      • Christian

        We got the Samsung, we aren’t allowed to do a demo though, sorry.

      • Saijo George

        @ Christian

        oh.. thanks for letting us know