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WP7 Apps : Where App for Windows Phone 7



WHERE helps you search and discover what’s nearby with real-time information and recommendations on a wide array of things including restaurants, movies, weather, news, cheap gas, discount coupons and more. The where app on windows phone 7 adds a social dimension to the reviews by adding reviews from other members of the WHERE community and if you are a member you can post your own comments. According to them, the Where WP7 app provides you with the best local search and discovery service. I found it best to work with US cities, the listings in Melbourne when I tried was a ghost town.

I find that while Bing on WP7 will get you the local service, movies, weather and more. Where does offer some value added service like discount coupons and deal near you and If you are in a supported US city this might be just the app for you if you are a business traveler trying to find a good restaurant in a new city or a college student looking for the closest Starbucks.

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