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| August 27, 2014

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WP7.8 on Lumia 610 and Update on Lumia 510

WP7.8 on Lumia 610 and Update on Lumia 510

Every OEM company should take a leaf out of Nokia’s book for not abandoning their older and entry-level devices. Both Lumia 510 and 610 have Windows Phone 7.8 and updates made available for them.

Lumia 510 that launched with Windows Phone 7.8 build 8858 is now getting its firmware updated to 12490 from 12460 as confirmed on Naviferm by the guys from wpcentral. While the exact details of the update are unknown, it’s heartening to see this kind of activity for entry-level phones.

Lumia 510

7.8 on 610

The other device that released originally – Lumia 610 has now been scheduled to get the WP7.8 update. Various retailers, including Carphone Warehouse UK, have sold this device with the update pre-installed.

Do you own either of these phones? Have you got the update yet? Do let us know about the additional features that this update has unlocked.


  1. neel

    I have updated my lumia 710 and 510 to 7.8 14 days back.

    • hassan

      Hi, i also have a nokia lumia 710.. But im having trouble updating my phone.. How did you do it? Thanks

    • ben

      Is bluetooth sharing available on the new update??

  2. ashish

    When is the update for Samsung Omnia w coming???

  3. jerry

    I am a Nokia Lumia 610 user. Can somebody tell me if the WP7.8 update for this phone is available in South Africa? i tried connecting my phone using zune but it keep on telling me my phone is already upto date but it is still running on WP7.5.

  4. i just updated my phone to the latest firmware to .12490 before some moments.

    i haven’t found anything new yet but its working a little fast.

  5. my phone is nokia lumia 510

  6. john

    Does anybody know if it’s available for Canadian carriers because I haven’t got the message yet and ive been frequently checking Zune.

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