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1800PocketPC | August 23, 2014

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Another WindowsPhone advert, now with added avatar.

Microsoft have bought out a new advert, in their on-going effort to promote WindowsPhone7. Here are several things I like about this it:

  • It shows a real feature; displaying your 3D avatar in the X-Box Live Extras app.
  • It shows a real WP7 game, Need for Speed : undercover.
  • It includes some humour thanks to a life-size avatar doing his “sexy dance”.
  • It moves away from the ‘glance n’ go’ style they had been working with, which might give the wrong impression about WP7 & shows that its actually a fun platform.
  • Then there is the line  “You’re an avatar dan.” Which I think Ill be quoting to many of my friends who haven’t a clue what I’m on about.

The last thing I really like is that they have made a model of the phone they use in all of their advertising, now who else out there would join me in saying they would be more than happy with a phone like that? Its THE windows phone; simple, elegant & sexy.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the advert here:

So, what do you all think of this new offering from Microsoft’s marketing department?
Let us know what you’re thinking by putting a comment below!

  • Saijo George

    Finally they are pushing xBox on WP7, they should have done it from day one IMHO

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  • MaulerX

    It’s about time! I can certainly understand where they were going with their “Glance and go” advert, but lets be real, this platform is too damn cool to just be glance and go. They need to push the core features like they just did here with Xbox Live, and push the Zune pass. Microsoft has money to burn and if they keep hammering at it, WP7 will be more than a competitor, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

  • Jessie

    I’m gonna do my SEXY DANCE!!!

    • Cris Rowlands

      Awesome. Me too :P

  • Michael Washington

    I thought you were overdoing it when I read your article (before I saw the video). Then I saw the video. Yes, This is “The Message”. They need to play this commercial until ever person on the planet has seen it.

  • keith

    Is that Avatar meant to be – Joe Belfiore. Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program

    Would have been cool to see real life Joe and/or possibly the Avatar Joe on the WP7 phone when the girl took it off the Avatar to have a look!! :)

  • segadc

    Yes finally right! Please Microsoft air this everywhere! Also add a few tidbits like, “also available on T-Mobile and coming soon to Sprint and Verizon”.

  • peter

    Microsoft WP7 failed in the previous ads. This ad is better, but again instead of showing the scrolling action in games hub, the game is at the top so it goes straight to the game, nothing about the OS. This is a gorgeous operating system, yet they spend their time showing people holding mobiles. Just show the phone in action that’s enough advert and won’t cost you a fortune. They should fire the idiots who made the previous ads (they also did the Seingfeld commercial), can’t believe they still have microsoft as a client.

  • Vijay

    Microsoft need to make wp7 phone in sexy colors eg:
    Platinum .white ,gunmetal gray and black peral and pearl white , also make new phone with front side and back sige camera .
    Also microsoft needs to allow developers to ge 80% of sale revenue . this will allow developers to put more effort and this will allow more apps and games to be on the market place . Microsoft needs to name the tablet pc Winpad.
    Wp7 phones should be unlocked also

    • Cris Rowlands

      Microsoft dont actually make phones themselves, they get other companies to make them. Having said that, I would love if it they started selling the phone in this advert.

      Also, developers do get 80% of the revenue from their apps. Microsoft only take 20%.

      There is a rumour that Microsoft are showing a bunch of tablets at a convention sometime next year.

      • Saijo George

        @Cris isn’t it a 30% – 70% split ?

        • CrisRowlands

          Fail. Youre right, it is 30% / 70%.

          My bad.