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Windows Phone News 30/09/2011 : I love Mango coz ..

Windows Phone News roundup for September 29th , we take a quick look at some of news surrounding Windows Phone : Microsoft makes millions from Android, Devs can suggest features for the platform and Zune Music coming to Canada ..

Zune Music Marketplace is coming to Canada on October 3rd. une Music Pass will also be available for C$9.99 per month or C$99.90 annually and can be used on Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Zune devices and plan will provide unlimited, on-demand access to more than 14 million songs and tens of thousands of music videos. Unlike the current Zune Music Pass offering, it will not include 10 MP3s to keep each month. via

Marketplace vs crAPPS : Effective Friday 9/30 MS will be limiting the number of apps that can be published in a single day to 10. more via windowsteamblog

Microsoft collects $444 million in patent fees for Android : Microsoft will generate $444 million in cross-licensing patent fees this year from Android OEMs who make smartphones and tablets like HTC , Samsung, etc via wpcentral

WPDev Feedback site :

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  • Steve

    MS is phasing out the current Zune Pass offerings in the US as well. I received an email stating they are discontinuing the $14.99/month program with 10 free MP3s per month for the $9.99/month subscription mentioned in your article. They are grandfathering current subscribers. No new subscribers after 10/1.

    • Saijo George

      I think it’s only available in the US at this stage . I should have made it clear in the video , quite new to this hopefully will improve over time :)

  • TheDangerousOne

    Multitasking for sure – the best multitasking implementation out of all the mobile phone OSs.

    • Saijo George

      For me it’s Speech to Text and ability for Apps to integrate in to the OS ( eg image editing apps can show up in picture hub )

  • Murali

    Love mango [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Jacob.45

    Mango is awesome

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