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Windows Phone News 03/10/2011 : HTC Titan Grip of Death ?

Windows Phone News roundup for October 3nd , we take a quick look at some of news surrounding Windows Phone : Nokia Maps App Screenshots and placeholder xap leaked, Does the HTC Titan have a Grip of Death issue ?

And our Tip of the Day : How to get the inbuilt Compass app on the Omnia 7 ( tutorial )

Our reader 0mxfzy0 tips us about Nokia Maps App. The guys from xda-dev has some screenshots about it. The XAP for the adventurous is here

Marketing Material about the Nokia SeaRay ( this thing is leaky as an … , there is a leak about the Sea ray every other day ) pops up from TMobile Germany via

Some early adopters 0f the HYC Titan x310e complain of issue with Grip of Death and Battery Life : via xda-dev , it could be an isolated incident at this stage. More on it as we learn more

Get the inbuilt Compass App on the Samsung Omnia : via acefiredx on xda-dev
On NoDO the app used to be quite hard to use but it seems to be a lot smoother with Mango on the device. It will probably only work on Samsung Devices. ( if you do try it on other devices do let us know happens )

  • Jump in to the Diagnosis menu go to your dialer and punch in ##634# for me it says Diagnosis_DU ( ver0628) on top ( if you have an older version , go to the app list and delete Diagnosis, then punch in the number )
  • Now enter *#0*# and pick Compass near the bottom right of the screen.
  • You can try and calibrate the compass by doing a figure 8 in the air as shown in the video

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  • MagooChris

    So i have version 0922 of the Diagnosis app… What does that mean? [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

    • Saijo George

      I am not sure :( , try the compass app and see if it works

  • james

    I got this phone on Saturday and I have not seen any problems with my signal when holding the phone.

    • Jacob.45

      cool, how is the device .. if you dont mind me asking how is the screen resolution .. 480×800 on a 4.7 ” screen ?

      • james

        The screen for a slcd screen amazing looks sharp and crisp. The resolution is fine on the screen the front menu looks bigger but the colours look sharper than on my hd7. I am also shocked how comfortable the phone is to hold and it does not feel big at all. Even the people in the phone shop were wowed by how slim the device was how fast it is looks like phones4u are going to push the device now.

  • redman

    will there be a lockdown 0.4 update for windows 7 phones.