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Windows Phone Local Scout only for US and UK

Local Scout Mango UK US

Local Scout Mango UK US

Its no surprise that some online service offered by Microsoft via Bing, Zune, etc are only available in the US. There is a break down of the features and availability in various zones here ( andrewtechhelp ) and its clear that to enjoy the full Windows Phone experience you have to be in the US.

Most of you would have seen the video previewing the cool new features in Windows Phone Mango.There was a cool new feature called Local Scout which prioritizes hyper-local search results based on user preferences and recommends the closest restaurants, shopping and activities in an easy-to-use guide. It looks like that will only be available to US and UK customers.

I am not sure if it will be considered but there is an Open Plea to Microsoft ( click ) to allow users to turn on/off features like Local Scout. The issue with this is Bing might not have ( I am guessing ) the data outside the US and UK to provide users with any valid results, it sucks I know, living in Melbourne I too will be missing out on this cool feature. Its a real shame coz most of the time we end up paying more and will end up with a product with less features .. Its a crazy world we live in..

Update : Here is a Facebook group that is trying to gets Microsoft’s attention regarding this issue. ( thanks for the tip Ludwig )

Update 2 : Apparently Local Scout works in France. See video demo ( Thanks David )

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