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Windows Phone Icons Giveaway

Windows Phone Icon Giveaway

Windows Phone Icon Giveaway

Want some cool Windows Phone icon ? Billy Barker wants to give away 10 copies of his custom App Icon packs. There are 2 packs on his website : 350 White Icons and 150 color icons and we get to given them away to 10 of you lucky guys . Each of those goes for around $20 a pack so that is $400 worth of icons. It can make the life of a developer a lot easier and the rules to enter the contest are quite simple. Contest rules below

Here is some more info about these icons

  1. iOS Toolbar Icons work on both standard and high resolution devices (2x retina display) and include white and black color choices. Sizes include 20px, 30px, 40px, and 60px.
  2. Android Tab Bar Icons come in different sizes to fit low, medium, and high resolution screens and include white, black, and gray.
  3. Windows Phone 7 Application Icons come in a standard 48px size and only come in white.

If you want to buy the icons for mobile developer check out his site

There are 3 ways to Enter : Twitter , Facebook and good old Comments ( you can enter yourself in all three method , gives you a better chance of winning ). Contest open till Saturday 19th DecemberNovember 11:59 PM ( Melbourne Time )

Retweet this message ( just copy paste the following in Twitter )

Windows Phone Icons Giveaway #windowsphone #wp7dev @billybarker @1800PocketPC

The first person to retweet it gets a copy then we choose 4 lucky retweets and each of those tweeters gets a copy. Once we pick the winners we will DM ( Direct message you via twitter, if you dont follow us we can not DM you ) , if we cant DM you we will pick another winner. Once the winner is selected they have to send us their email id that we have to pass on to Billy , who will send you the Icon Pack. While you are at it you can also follow the developer @billybarker for direct updates on the icons.

Like us on Facebook :, and post a comment on this post on facebook 2 random comments will be picked as the winner. Once we pick the winner we will send you a message via Facebook.

3rd Method : just post your comments below telling us why you want one, we will pick 3 winners.

Good luck guys :)

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  • Brandon

    Icons are a constant search. I already see some in this package that I like for future versions of my current apps as well as new apps I’m thinking of writing!

  • Steve Hiner

    I could certainly use some better graphics for my Windows Phone apps.

  • inabeyance

    So happy that the competition is open to entry via comments for those luddites amongst us who are not deeply hooked into Facebook and Twitter :-D

    I can see myself using some of these icons to help with rapid development of homebrew and limited distribution applications. It will save a great deal of time and effort while providing attractive and functional icons to get the job done.

    Please consider my entry fore the WP7 icons.

  • DreamerB

    Those are some really good icons and would go a long way in saving me a lot of time with my development work.

  • doug

    Working on some apps and would love a new set if icons

  • Philipp

    I want one :-)

  • CeridanMN

    I’d love the icons as with layoffs coming to my wifes place of employment finances aren’t great for supporting hobby purchases.

  • Nirmit Kavaiya

    Me Me !!

  • Sathish

    Nice Icons, hope I get the package.

  • Michael Albertin

    Nice thing … I already own this icons (WP7) and really love them. They work very good for black and white background (just invert if needed).

    If you want to see them in work … visit my App page and download the apps. :-)

  • Saijo George


    They are
    Twitter : @R_P_W , @bc3tech , @sdorman , @L0kuS
    Facebook : Nirmit Kavaiya, Paras Valecha
    Comments : Steve Hiner, doug, inabeyance

    will be contacting you guys soon

    • Nirmit Kavaiya

      I haven’t received your message on Facebook :(