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Windows Phone App Deals ( Updated Daily )

Windows Phone, smartphone games, Windows apps

Editor’s Note: This page is no longer used. For the latest deals and promos, check out our new deals and promotions section or visit our AppDeals and myAppFree sections for daily and weekly app deals.

Looking for cool deals on Windows Phone Apps ? We are going to get you covered on this , this new segment called Windows Phone App Deals will showcase some of the hottest deals that are available on the Windows Phone Store right now. Be quick to grab these because chances are these wont last very long. You will find deals from promotional launch , special discount offers and much much more in here. We might also throw in exciting new launches that could potentially be worth downloading. Most of these are not reviewed but for the ones we have reviewed we will put up a link to it from here.

DaVinci Pinball ( $2.99 >> $0.99 ) Nokia It’s pinball mixed with one of the greatest thinkers whom ever lived

DaVinci Pinball
Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: $0.99

IM+ Pro ( $4.99 >> $1.99 ) Chat in Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, VKontakte, Yandex IM, Agent,, Mamba, Fetion, RenRen, Sina Weibo, Mig33, Gadu-Gadu, MeinVZ, Beep and MSN/Windows Live.

IM+ Pro
Developer: SHAPE GmbH
Price: $3.99

Tile Path ( $1.99 >> FREE ) Goal is to create colored paths between two marks of the same color. To do so, you must place colored pieces on the game board.

Tile Path
Developer: Loon Apps
Price: $0.99

Marketplace Dashboard ( $1.29 >> $0.99 ) WP8 Tired of refreshing the Dev Center page throughout the day to see updates on your apps? Ever wish you could check your app downloads easier? Well now you can! Get a view of your apps including crash count, submission status, and download count without fumbling with the mobile browser.

Marketplace Dashboard
Developer: Arian T. Kulp
Price: $0.99

Black Box ( $0.99 >> FREE ) Black Box is a clean and fast currency converter.

Black Box
Developer: Andréas Saudemont
Price: Free

MyThings Pro ( $3.99 >> FREE ) is a todo list app

Developer: Ahead Solutions
Price: $6.99

TripMeter ( $0.99 >> FREE ) TripMeter helps you to track your trips, store them and share them with anyone of your choice at a later time. TripMeter maintains a history of all your trips.

Developer: WinMob
Price: Free*

Photogram ( $0.99 >> FREE ) Photogram is a photo editing app with which you can create beautiful pictures by using various tools built in it.

Developer: Rohit Sai Sanjeev
Price: Free

Easy Notes ( $13.99 >> $0.99 ) Yup 13.99 was the original price , don’t ask us why. A notepad for taking different notes and types with many features.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

Mimic Circus ( $1.49 >> $0.99 ) Take your mobile phone and start making fun of everyone around by adding various clip art items on to the photos.

Mimic Circus
Developer: United Fun Traders
Price: $0.99

VsysCalendar WP8 ( $1.49 >> $0.99 ) VsysCalendar WP8 can sync with both Google and Windows Live. Comes with ability to edit appointments, multiple calendar views, search functionality, multiple reminders and more

VsysCalendar 365
Developer: Vets&Systems
Price: $0.99

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Check out our past deals, most of them are still active.

Emoji Plus ( $1.29 >> FREE ) Use Emoji expressions to make your message more interesting!

Emoji Plus
Developer: Zhang peng
Price: $1.29

ArchiTech ( $2.99 >> $1.99 ) is a professional vector based CAD and drawing application. Conceived as a digital sketchpad it is ideally suitable for the field of architecture and engineering, for CAD constructions as well as for graphic-design and illustration.

ArchiTech Sketchpad
Developer: Thinking101010
Price: $1.99

Fat You! ( $1.99 >> $0.99 ) With this fun app you will be able to fatten faces within just a few and easy steps.

Fat You!
Developer: JDB Pocketware
Price: $0.99

The Path of Kara ( Review ) ( $1.99 >> $0.99 ) One of the best rated puzzle games on Windows Phone, now on sale, for limited time only! Join Kara, a young shaman, on a quest to save her island from imminent danger. Solve puzzles, gather items and use powerful bonuses while exploring the land and meeting mysterious characters.

The Path of Kara
Developer: Anshar Studios S.A.
Price: $2.99

Farm Frenzy 2 ( $2.99 >> $0.99 ) If you think life in the big city is crazy, wait until you get a load of the country life in Farm Frenzy 2, while managing a wild and wacky farm!

Farm Frenzy 2
Developer: Microsoft Studios
Price: $2.99

DrawaStickman:EPIC ( $2.99 >> $0.99 ) Draw a stickman, then guide him through a fantastic world of adventure! Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Draw a Stickman: EPIC
Developer: Inc.
Price: $2.99*

Jack of Tools Pro ( $2.99 >> $0.99 ) Jack of Tools Pro includes an LED flashlight, compass, geographic camera, virtual level, your Earthly coordinates, your altitude, your speed and heading (including average and maximum speed markers), base distance, a caliper, and a sound meter.

Jack of Tools Pro
Price: $1.99

Push Up Workout ( $0.99 >> FREE ) Push-up is program designed to help you improve your upperbody strength and the amount of push-ups you can do. Push up is like a free personal trainer that helps you to get into better shape.

Push Up Workout
Developer: Thrasheri
Price: Free

Safehouse ( $1.99 >> $0.99 )

Developer: TheWhiteOwl
Price: $0.99

CueBrain ( $4.99 >> $3.49 )

Developer: aephid technologies
Price: $3.49

Wargeit ( $1.99 >> $0.99 )

Developer: Number Studios
Price: Free

PhoneInfo ( $0.99 >> FREE )

Developer: Aiddroid
Price: Free

Round Timer ( $0.99 >> FREE )

Round Timer
Developer: George Matthews
Price: Free*

FallingBirds ( $0.99 >> FREE )

Developer: S'moove Software s.r.l.
Price: Free

Bubble Blast 2 ( $1.99 >> $0.99 )

Bubble Blast 2
Developer: Magma Mobile
Price: $0.99

Gomoku ( $1.99 >> $0.99 )

Price: $0.99

Collapsticks ( $1.49 >> $0.99 )

Developer: Rumilus Design
Price: Free*

Headland Calculator ( $2.49 >> $1.29 )

Headland Calculator
Developer: j k senior & sons
Price: $1.29

Math Cards – Full ( $1.29 >> $0.99 )

Math Cards
Developer: Magnus9
Price: $0.99

Daily Bible Promises ( $0.99 >> FREE )

Daily Bible Promises
Developer: LPWP8
Price: Free

Just Weight ( $1.99 >> $1.49 ) An elegantly designed app that makes it fun to track your weight and lets you know when you will reach your goal weight.

Just Weight
Developer: Ravind B.
Price: $1.49

Farts Vs Zombies ( $0.99 >> FREE ) In Farts VS Zombies you have to kill zombies with farts, you draw with the finger the path of the farts and direct them to their faces. The game goal is to protect the japanese schoolgirls from the attack of the zombies as much time as possible. In fact, zombies hate farts, it’s the only thing that can kill them, well… not the only one really. But the game is more than that, you can do Fart Combos, use funny Special Attacks and items.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

Windows Phone Facts ( $0.99 >> FREE ) If you’re new to the WP or thinking about getting a phone with it on, check out whopping list of WP facts to get you started.

Windows Phone Facts
Developer: Immense Solutions
Price: Free

EasyNotes ( $1.49 >> $1.29 ) This is a beautiful, highly customizable, and yet easy to use note application. You can make it look like a native app, or as unique as you.

Developer: kim.wpdev
Price: $1.29

Cut The Rope Exp ( $2.99 >> $0.99 ) Experiment to feed Om Nom® candy! Cut the rope like never before. Everything you love and new gameplay! 150 levels and more to come! The little green monster Om Nom is back and hungrier than ever! Team up with the Professor, a mad (but not bad!) scientist determined to study Om Nom’s candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments. Use suction cups and other funny devices to collect shiny gold stars, uncover hidden prizes and unlock new levels!

Cut The Rope Exp.
Developer: ZeptoLab UK Limited
Price: $0.99

Pingu ( $1.99 >> $0.99 ) You can watch 100 Pingu videos on your Windows Phone in MP4 quality video superior audio and video quality. You can set your favorite episodes and share video urls on social networks!

Developer: centapp
Price: Free

Chaos Control ( $4.49 >> $2.99 ) Chaos Control will help you organize your business and personal activities, boost your productivity, focus on things that actually matter and prevent burning out due to stress and information overload. With this simple, yet powerful app you will be able to focus on outcomes and define what actions to take to make them happen. The service will help you to control the incoming flow of tasks and process the important information. You can sync all your data with other mobile devices which support Chaos Control app or to the PC or mac using their website.

Chaos Control Premium
Developer: Tarasov Mobile
Price: $4.99*

Think Positive ( $0.99 >> FREE ) 100 Ways to Think Positive.

Think Positive
Developer: Kamlesh Kawadkar
Price: Free

Tic – Tac – Toe ( $0.99 >> FREE ) Paper is being replaced with your smartphone. You can play everywhere: in your house, school or work. There is two game modes: Single Player and Multiplayer.

Tic - Tac - Toe
Developer: Lukasz.Wroblewski
Price: Free

Stick Figure ( $1.49 >> $0.99 ) As the name implies,Stick Figure is a simple drawing application that you will always enjoy playing with.Use your fingers to draw a simple drawing or an entire comic!
While playing with child as an adult, sometimes need to drawing? If the child wants to see your drawing of a house or a car, can you? I don’t have the art foundation anyway, this software can help us to cope with the child’s demand.

Stick Figure
Developer: Flyme
Price: $0.99

cards ( $1.99 >> FREE ) Now download CARDS and make your dear one happy with your special wishes. Cards is an application that allows you to share cards, share sms, birthday wishes and download wallpapers

Developer: S.R.C
Price: $1.49

BoxFiles for Dropbox ( $1.19 >> FREE ) Completely new version of Boxfiles for Dropbox: new user interface, increased speed, integrates with Skydrive so you can get your modified documents back to dropbox, pinch to zoom. New update has some bug fixes.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

Money Manager Pro ( $2.99 >> FREE ) Money Manager Pro, is a personal finance management app which lets you manage all your flows, accounts and creditcards. The new update have added WP8 performance improvements, voice commands and a new firsst usage wizard to help you set up the whole thing.

Money Manager Pro
Developer: FrancescoCarraro
Price: $1.49

Yatzy ( $1.99 >> $1.29 ) Yatzy is well-known, addictive and fun dice game now available on your Windows phone. This game is easy to learn but is difficult to become a master. You will spend hours playing because there will always be a score to beat. Choose between Yatzy and Maxy Yatzy and play against computer controlled opponents or your friends on same device.

Developer: Seavus AB
Price: $0.99*

ProAktivo Sports Tracker ( $2.99 >> $1.99 ) ProAktivo is all-in-one mobile centric solution for tracking, analyzing and sharing your workouts on Windows Phone devices. With ProAktivo you can easily improve your fitness and gain better understanding of your workout trends and performance over time. Best of all, there is no need for an expensive, standalone fitness tracking device

ProAktivo Sports Tracker
Developer: Hrvoje Stanisic
Price: $2.99

[My] Windows Phone ( $2.49 >> $0.99 ) My Windows Phone is an interactive help app for Windows Phone. All Windows Phone help topics are covered in this app. Whether you have just bought a new Windows Phone or had it for a while you will love this app. This app will be updated on a regular basis with new content.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

FlashVideo+TubeMusic ( $3.99 >> $3.49 )This app will give you the chance to watch (and save) your favorites series, movies, live sports and music on your WP7! It’s not a full Flash Player, it works only on some sites!

Developer: Davide Bergamini
Price: Free

My Conference Calls ( $1.29 >> FREE ) Connect to your conferences with a single tap. You don’t need to dial conference phone numbers or enter long meeting IDs. This makes conference calls really easy and is a live saver if you need to dial-in from your car. Basically what the app does is to show all your conference calls for the day. With one tap, you will be connected to the call. You don’t need to worry about dial-in numbers, conference id’s, or leader pin. This app retrieves all the information needed to dial-in directly from your calendar. Fully automated! You only have to tap the meeting in order to kick-off your call.

My Conference Calls
Developer: Clemens Schotte
Price: Free

Captain Pirate ( $1.29 >> $0.99 ) is a challenging game with amazing graphics and sensational soundtrack. To be successful, you need to navigate Captain Pirate’s hook to the treasures and keep an eye out for creatures, monsters, dangerous sea animals and predators.

Captain Pirate
Developer: Captain Pirate
Price: $1.29

Premier Leagues + ( $2.99 >> $1.29 ) The best live-tile and multi-league football app on Windows Phone. In-depth coverage of the English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Spain’s La Liga & Liga Adelante, Scottish Premier League, English Championship, FA Cup, English League One, English League Two, France’s Ligue 1 & 2, Italy’s Serie A, Dutch Eredivisie, and Germany’s Bundesliga 1 & 2!

Premier Leagues +
Developer: IJP Consulting Ltd
Price: Free

Star Movies HD ( $4.49 >> $1.99 ) Watch free many new movies: 007 Sky Fall, Kungfu Panda, Twilight, Transporter, Transformer, Die Hard 4, Ice Age 1-2-3, Toy Story. Watch free movies series like: The Walking Dead, Prison Break

Star Movies HD
Developer: T.V Entertaiment
Price: Free

Formula Mass Calc ( $0.99 >> FREE ) Attention chemistry students and teachers: This app will quickly calculate your compound’s mass. With excellent user interface, this app is very easy to use. Developed for chemistry students (and teachers) by a chemistry student.

Formula Mass Calc.
Developer: Oasis
Price: Free

Anti Theft Alarm ( $2.49 >> $0.99 ) Just activate anti theft alarm and place your phone. The alarm will sound if someone touches the phone. Now you can place your phone connected to a power adapter or to a PC and you will know if someone takes it.

Anti Theft Alarm
Developer: Viacheslav Smitiukh
Price: $0.99

NOTE to Developers: If you are running a promotion on your app and want to be featured in here just drop us an email or get in touch using the contact us page

If you notice an expired deal please do tell us about it.

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