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| August 28, 2014

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Windows Phone and Nokia April 1st Pranks Roundup 2013 |

Saijo George

Well it is that day of the year when you should refuse to believe anything that is passed on as news. In the world of Windows Phone there has been a few April 1st Pranks that went live , some of which were praised while the others faced harsh criticism. Today we are are going to take a look at the ones that related to Windows Phone and Nokia in general. If we missed something , drop us a comment and let us know about it.

1) The curious case of Instagram Beta We talked about this earlier today , I think it s a cruel joke to play especially Instagram is one app that many users want and there is no clear indication when we are going to get it.

2) Nokia Seidhr : Microsoft and Nokia takes on Google Project Glass with “Seidhr a tennis visor styled portable computing device. I think its a nice one and had a good laugh at the demo showcased in the video

3) BaconIt System Error : The popular reddit app BaconIt, when launched flicked the screen and throw out a system error message saying OS crashed and will attempt a reboot. I think it was a good prank , many users including myself would have been freaked out at first then wen the app reveals to you that all this was a prank, you had to smile and admit that the dev got you good.

4) Nokia Microwave Oven A rather dull April1st Prank IHMO. One look at it and you know that this is just a lame effort at a April 1st prank.



5) Gmail Blue Not Windows Phone or Nokia related , but this is Google making Fun of Windows Blue. I think it was a good one from Google, not Nokia Seidhr good but good.


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