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Windows Phone 7 HTC Device plagued with hardware issues

HTC Trophy Screen

HTC Trophy Screen

Its not looking very good for HTC with hardware issues plaguing the HTC 7 Trophy. There are various issues that are coming in. So lets go over some of them, according to WMPU via Spenky from some of the HTC 7 Trophy has got inferior screens as you can see from the image. If you are wondering it is just the brightness settings , it is now. according to the guys who saw this issue ” settings of the display and color were both identical on both handsets, with the backlight on manual and set to medium.

To add insult to injury apps and games loading time is slower on the HTC 7 Trophy when compared with the Samsung Omnia 7. In the video you will find the loading the same game, RetroSpace on both the devices. Samsung Omnia 7 takes around 5 seconds and the HTC Trophy around 11-12 seconds. via MD
NOTE : low battery condition on the HTC handset might be the problem in this case.

Another issue that people are complaining about HTC 7 Trophy is the appearance of bubbles between different layers of the display. Personally I think it looks like air bubble that has come up after the screen protector has put on the device but this is not the case, the air bubbles are coming up on the device without any screen protector on them. Some people have suggested that the top-most layer of glass didn’t properly bond with the part underneath, possibly due to defective adhesive. via Pocketnow

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  • victor roos

    glad I skipped htc, did you got your’s back. My omnia is around the corner

    • Saijo George

      I haven’t got mine back, but With the Mozart I think it was more of an isolated issue with the device I had.. Others seems to be happy with the device..

  • Owen

    First off, the slow loading time is a WP7 issue, MSFT has said they will fix it

    Second, comparing screen brightness doesn’t work, especially if they use different screen types. The Trophy uses WVGA whereas the Samsung uses AMOLED. Duh. The HTC Trophy actually looks fine when using it, so I’m not sure what they’re on about.

    Thirdly, that happens if you leave the phone in the sun, with a lot of phone models.

    Please get your facts straight before spreading FUD

    • Saijo George

      @ Owen

      1) wast aware it was a MS issue, both device has got the same OS and it seems Omnia 7 outperforms the Trophy at least at the moment.

      2) The screen comparison was between 2 HTC Trophy .

      3) Multiple users have come across this issue on xda-dev ( I am guessing they have got new devices and not the display models from store, which could have been in front of the sun all that while )

      The idea was never to bash HTC, I have got a Mozart ( had issue with the headphone volume , most likely an issue with the device I have coz when I tried the demo device at the store it was working fine ) but it does look like the HTC Trophy has got quite a few issues..

  • Houman

    As an ex-HTC user (htc touch) who loved my device it’s sad to see what a half-assed job HTC has done with WP7 series. They clothed HD2 (which at the time was so superior to its competitors) and are selling it as HD7! Their HTC hub (from the videos I’ve seen) is sluggish and just too busy! Their handsets are being found faulty constantly! When compared to the great work that other manufacturers, such as LG (As an old LG hater, it even surprises me that I’m buying the LG Optimus 7) or Samsung!
    MS shouldnt even allow HTC to make any further handsets before they get back to their old roots of making everything if not perfect, damn close to it!

    • Saijo George

      I use a Mozart , over all the device is quite nice. So I dont think all HTC WP7 device are of low standard. But HTC 7 Trophy does look like a faulty model.

      • drmoyvcm

        yo tengo el htc trophy, y llevo muchos años usando HTC y en lo particular nunca he tenido problemas. Y he comprobado la resolucion del mio y se ve genial.
        Lo que yo siempre digo es q no todos los moviles te salen muy bien, Habra q darle tiempo para ver si presenta problemas mas adelante, Asi como el iphone4. Pero Espero por mi bien que no. Por ahora lo recomiendo.

  • bob

    I think ‘plagued’ with hardware issues is a bit strong… The loading time issue is moot. Samsung use quicker memory in their device and let’s be honest, half a second or so on loading a game really won’t bother anyone but geeks.

    The screen on the Trophy is an issue although the bubbles/streaks only show up on mine if you hold it up to the light and look for them.. in normal use, you can’t see them. Still.. called Vodafone this morning, and they’re sending out a new handset. I’ll see if it still happens with that one.. Good thing about being on a contract is that you can swap phones as many times as you like.. :)

    Other than the screen issue, WP7 is easily the fastest mobile OS to use. Some of the devs need to get their act together tho.. they need to be optimising till their apps run as quick as the native OS.

    • victor roos

      couldn’t have said it better(maybe because my english is bad) Ionly want too add.: HTC is agreat company, with a great (maybe a-little slow) support, and still love my elf, even when it doesn’t respond 5 times a day.

      • Saijo George

        @victor : Anything failing 5 times definitely puts it in my bad books. I dont have direct cust service exp with HTC so I cant comment. But I can tell you the in store customer service in the Telstra T-Life Store sucks ..

        • victor roos

          hmm, I have very good experience with htc here in Nl

    • Saijo George

      @bob : plagued is perhaps a tad strong.. but I think those issues are enough to drive away potential customers, when there are other alternate choice. Its good to know Vodafone is replacing the device..plz do let us know how the new one performs ..

      I have been waiting for about 2 weeks to get the device back after sending it to HTC via Telstra ( my mobile service provider )

  • Eric

    I am an Ex-HTC loyal customer. I still love my HD2.
    For me it’s now very obvious that HTC just wants to make easy money with its WP7 series. HTC just included the cheapest components possible in its devices and also the cheapest technology possible (underpowered batteries, only LCD screens (sometimes S-Lcd) instead of S-Alomed screens, no DLNA, class 2 SD cards instead of the efficient NAND flash memory, lowest APN quality on the market, no 16GB storage in Europe, etc, etc, etc)…. All the competitors actually propose better phones. See how the Omnia 7 is great. The LG has DLNA and 16Gb storage. The Dell Venue Pro will be a must have.
    I feel sad to see that HTC is now proposing such mediocre hardware. Sad to see how this brand’ strategy is to make quick profits in such a cynical way.
    This year is the first year I left this brand. With no regret actually. Seems my HD2 will be my last HTC phone.

  • Eric

    Oh and I forgot to mention about the HTC CLient service (which was also a reason for me to leave them) :

    - Whatever (yes whatever) your problem, when you write an email to HTC, they will reply the exact same answer and tell you how to perform a hard reset on your phone to reinitialize it.

    We did a test with 10 friends. We all got the same answer message: Hard Reset.

    HTC is shitting on its customers.