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| August 28, 2014

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Windows Phone 7.8 Update 8862

Windows Phone 7.8 Update 8862 Rolling Out
Kareem Sumner

Short and sweet! Microsoft has begun rolling out the windows phone 7.8 8862 update to fix the live tile issues (and possibly others). There was word that an earlier version of the update, 8860 provided the fix, but many who installed it said there were no changes. Hence the latest update.

I will be updating my DVP later tonight to see if things have indeed been ironed out. I will post an update when done and please, if you install the update let us know if your phone has returned to it’s normal “speedy” self.

You can find a link to the files from this article and the different tools you might need to install it. Although it has been claimed that going the Zune route is straight forward (i.e. no ‘pull the cable’ trick needed).

Don’t forget to backup if you are not updating via Zune!


  1. Coop

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone been able to update their Focus S via Zune regular or cable pull? Because I have yet to get it to work. AT&T locked Focus S. I tried getting it unlocked by AT&T but they told me it was unable to be unlocked. So kinda screwed on that end. Just gonna have to wait. Really don’t want to do Cab Files because of fear of not receiving future updates. But hell, ain’t getting em now, so just might got that route. Thanks

    • Kareem Sumner

      Coop, I stand corrected. mentioned that Microsoft will be supporting both 7.8 and 8 until mid-late 2014. Most of the updates will be security updates, but a leaked presentation from Nokia suggests another update after 7.8. I guess we have more to look forward to for old faithfuls!

  2. Kareem Sumner

    Honestly Coop our devices are so old I don’t think about updating via Zune anymore (that and the fact my phone has not been able to connect to zune the better of 2 months). I run a back up via WP7 Easy Backup and go for it. Also, we should not have to worry about more updates from MS as I think this may be it :). Go for it, but do some sort of backup first.

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