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Windows Mobile Phone - Sony Ericsson Aspen

Sony Ericsson Aspen

Sony Ericsson Aspen

There is a new Windows Mobile device from Sony Ericsson. The front-facing keyboard device is codenamed Aspen. Some of the specs include

  • QWERTY keyboard for single-handed usage
  • 2.4-inch TFT touchscreen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
  • Screen resolution 240 x 320 pixels
  • powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ( officially )
  • available in selected markets from Q2 in Iconic Black and White Silver colors

The info on pricing is not available yet. Dont know if this will be picked up by any Australian Telcos.

The Sony Ericsson Aspen also claims some green credentials, making it part of the company’s GreenHeart portfolio, which means the phone is painted with waterborne paint, comes in reduced packaging and an e-manual instead of a paper one. The Aspen also comes with an eco-friendly mini charger, which Sony Ericsson says it has a low stand-by power loss and consumes less power.

Sony Ericsson Aspen

Sony Ericsson Aspen

The biggest let down I see in this device is the 240 x 320 screen resolution. What do you guys think ? Will your next mobile device have a QVGA resolution ?

More info :

Marketplace Download

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  • core_sa

    This looks like a nice clean entry level device. I am sure there will be many mobile users interested in this. Not everyone is interested in expensive high-end phones, believe it or not some people use their phones for nothing else but phoning :)

    I personally would struggle with anything less than 4.3″ because I have been spoilt :)

    • PPCInformer

      QVGA is not even worth considering ( for me ) , like you said there might be others out there who are not after the huge screen..

      • core_sa

        I lived in South Africa for 26 years, about a quarter of the population in South Africa is unemployed and lives on less than US $1.25 a day. But they all have mobile phones :) UK, US and other wealthier countries tend to be a little “spoilt” :) I include myself in this category…

        I was speaking to a friend the other day and he was drooling over the iPhone but the purchase price versus what people earn in South Africa is rediculous. A lot of people settle for devices like this as they have similar functionality but are cheaper.

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  • Italy SIM Card

    I liked the look and feel of the mobile phone but the screen resolution and the phone Camera is on a lower side.
    Overall its a good phone for people who likes to carry good looking sparcling phone.

  • chetan patel

    I am use sony ericsson Aspan M1i but marketplace softwer is not open in my phone error is ther may be a problam eith marketplace service right now