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Windows 8.1 preview now available!

Windows 8.1 preview now available!

| On 27, Jun 2013

The Build keynote stream has just finished & Microsoft has given us loads of new details about the next update to Windows 8.


First off, there are enhancements to the start screen – you can now resize tiles just like you can on Windows Phone 8 (and 7.8) and get to ‘all apps’ by swiping up, just like you swipe horizontally on Windows Phone.

Then there are some changes on the desktop – you can disable the corner hotspots for switching apps etc, and the start button has returned for better or worse. It seems they have added plenty of little changes to make things better for the many desktop users out there.

Modern ui apps can now be snapped to whatever sizes you like & you can have up to 4 apps side by side, even multiple windows of the same app and different apps across multiple windows.

Other things they highlighted included the importance of bing & how they are integrating it a lot more.

To download the Windows 8.1 preview, you can get it here!

What I’m excited to see is what features from Windows 8.1 might filter their way through to Windows Phone?

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  • Wanderlei Santos

    Do NOT install it unless you use a pc you can scrap later – you will need to reinstall ALL apps (windows store and desktop) when you get the RTM version later.

  • dalydose

    I just did a full backup and am trying to decide if it is worth it to put 8.1 on my machine since I will have to reinstall all programs and apps later. It seems like they’d figure out how to avoid that. :(