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Why We Love Windows Phone

I Heart Windows Phone

I Heart Windows Phone

It can be hard to express why we love WP when you have someone pointing out the laundry list of features their platform offers over ours. The simple fact of the matter is that I don’t need, want, or would utilise most of those features, and I just like how WP allows me to communicate. I don’t want to have every feature and app under the sun; there’s a limited amount of tasks I actually want to do with my phone, and you know what? WP does it in a way that is easy and accessible for me with the minimum of compromise – it really is glance and go (and beautiful to boot).


If you’re looking for more ammo in similar conversations, there’s an article over at that’s worth a read. 

Candice Shane writes on her take on this topic in her article ‘My Life as a Windows Phone Pariah’ and I believe it really expresses what’s great about WP (whilst being a humorous and enjoyable read).

She writes:

“I use my phone as a connection to the world if they need me, or a source of quiet entertainment when I’m away from my consoles — it doesn’t need to run my universe”


This is really the bottom line isn’t it. Windows Phone is about people and communication – what all phones have been about since the technology was first invented.


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