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Why users choose an operating system and what Windows Phone still needs

About a month ago we were reporting about a survey that shows how satisfied Windows Phone users are. It turned out that the satisfaction index is head to head with iOS.

Within that survey there are more important bits. The tech site TNW also covered this survey. One of the big points they are reaching out was why users choose a platform.



And here we get some very interesting bits.

When it comes to Android, the top reasons for choosing were the OS and the 4G capability. No word on the availability of apps.

Apple has established a “there is an app for that” mentality in the whole world. This is a still successful slogan, and it is now wonder that the availability of apps is the top reason why users choose this OS.

BlackBerry has still the reason of quality of email as top reason.

Now let´s talk about our Windows Phone OS. Windows Phone is the only of the four OS, where people answered that the OS itself is the reason for choosing.  The Windows Phone OS convinces a lot of people. They like the new, fresh and unique idea of Metro.

We all know that Microsoft has done a really good job with Windows Phone. The OS is fast, has deep social networking integration, some extra cool bits like “pocket-to-picture” or SkyDrive integration (partially in the OS, and also via app).

So whythe Windows Phone OS is not taking off like it should? First, most users are on a contract which includes their hardware. And users are waiting for their extension time to choose new phones.

But the real problem is apps. The OS is on par, in some parts even above iOS. As I mentioned above, Apple has brain washed the world with their “there is an app for that” slogan. Android adopted this app thinking, and they have now also a big bunch of apps – no matter of the quality.

Microsoft has to jump on that train, too. There is no other way if the OS should be a success.

I think Microsoft recognized that already. They are doing several things like pulling developers to Windows Phone and some other steps to close the gap when it comes to apps.

Windows Phone is the best OS out there. But to be a real success, Microsoft needs more.

It is as I have to mention far  too often: all about apps, apps and apps.

source: TNW

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  • David

    My only dissatisfaction is that my HD7 HTC is still unable to play video that requires flash player! What can I do? It is very frustrating to click on the video n realize that it cannot play becos of no flash player.
    Other than that, I like my window phone.

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  • Ej

    I dont really have a problem with my lumia, im not an app guy.. There’s a lot of apps out there that are not really utilized by any means, but MSFT has to have this apps.. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

    • Saijo George

      A self confessed ” im not an app guy ” using our app to post his comment. That is a WIN for us :)

  • Sanjay

    It’s not only about apps, apps, and apps! It’s about three major things right now –
    1. support better hardware ASAP, dont fool around! (cores, screen sizes & camera; WP8/PureView?)
    2. Update from WP7 to WP8 (if it’s not there, people are gonna wait and wait, and if it’s there – comeon, go ahead MS and OEM’s shout out loud and clear)
    3. Apps, apps, and apps…oops no… quality apps, quality apps, and quality apps, period.

    • MSicc

      1. regareding the hardware will be a change with Windows Phone 8, before we are likely to see no new devices
      2. we do not know nothing about the update and have to wait
      3. sure we need quality apps. but we still need apps :-)

  • Carlos Lacayo

    I have a HTC HD7, and the reason that I do not upgrade my phone to a Lumia 900 or HTC Titan is that I do not know If I will get the Windows Phone 8 update. I think a lot of people that want Lumias think that way.

    I personally switch to WP because the promises full version updates, Not like Android…

  • TryllZ

    Yes, appa, apps and more apps, even if its not needed…

  • Jamehz

    I enjoy my Windows Phone for the interface as a phone. It’s dead simple to look people up, send texts, get directions to their location, all with a few taps.
    To get my Gaming/iApp fix I have an iPod Touch 2G, still works great.

    I bought the 710 as a gateway to bigger things in WP. It’s just as capable as the 800/900 and if it takes WP8 then bonus! I’ll keep it for a while.
    If these Lumias get shafted, then I sell it off at less of a loss than if I had paid $500/600 outright, and grab the next gen phones with better stats.
    In this case I think buying the phone is prudent, because I’d hate to waste my subsidy and be stuck in a 3-year contract (here in Canada) on a phone that just MAY support the next OS.. that’s why I feel for the majority of Android users.. you just never know..

    And on a side note.. 4G support? that’s a major reason? We need 5G support on our phones, then! That’ll convince them to switch!