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Why are app developers waiting for Windows8 before committing to Windows Phone?

No love for WP7

No love for WP7

It has to be said I am a huge F1 fan and I love to watch it in HD on the BBC with 5.1 surround sound, one laptop with the BBC driver tracker, the tablet with McLaren’s pitwall and the FIA live timing, I used the Symbian formula one app on my Nokia 6710 Navigator last year which is now unfortunately discontinued. I hit the net and did some research to find a solution and what I was able to find was this Formula1 Live Timing web page that works on the WP7
Formula1 Live Timing on WP7

Formula1 Live Timing on WP7

I reached out to softpauer, the creator of the official 2012 F1 app on Blackberry, Android and iOS in the hope of some news on a Windows Phone port of their stunning app.

They were kind enough to reply with this short email…

Currently we’re not on Windows Phone 7, and probably won’t be. This is because only .Net codebases are supported by .Net, meaning we must maintain a completely separate version of everything. Another important consideration is this situation will probably change with the release of WP8, allowing us to use what we have already developed. We will still have to consider market share etc, but we hope this helps you understand why we’re not there at present. I expect many developers probably feel this way at the moment.

I thought oh well and hunted on ebay for a cheap iphone or droid ???

Nope! I instead researched how it would be possible to use a .Net codebase on WP7 as it would (hopefully) educate developers that may have been misinformed.

Quickly I found a few contradictory articles that read Windows Phone only runs C# and does not run VB.Net code, even official support forums are very misleading.

On the official MSDN WP7 forums I found the following quote:

“Windows Phone 7 currently is supported only for C#, which is why VS Express 2010 for WP7 only supports it.

At present, the product team has no immediate plans to develop, test and support VB.NET, for use with the Windows Phone.”

On the official Silverlight WP7 forums I find many questions asking about WP7 support with numerous questions and answers like:

Q: “Can I develop applications with VB.NET for Windows Phone 7?
A: “No, You can’t.

The truth of the matter is WP7 will run .Net codebase with a small amount of C# code additions.

Q: So, why are developers waiting? You decide.

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  • todd

    I think you completely misunderstood the response you received. It sounds like the developer doesn’t have .NET code at all (both C# and VB.NET are.NET), but rather HTML code (which Win8 and WP8 will support).

    • bAN01TgAZ

      I am still discussing the issue with Andy at SoftPauer, I may have totally misunderstood but the fact still remains developers are holding off Windows Phone until Windows 8 is released…

      I’m hopefull that there will be an F1 2013 app for Windows Phone & Windows 8

  • SleepyDaddySoftware

    I think they mean that their apps for other platforms are done in c++, which you can’t use yet in wp7. C++ support will be coming to windows phone 8, allowing them and many other developers to share code between the wp7 app and their apps on other platforms.

  • Ramon Santos

    I asked SoftPauer about F1 App a few weeks ago and got an answer very close to the one you got.
    But I think that everything is about marketshare. If Windows Phone was on top, maybe they came back to the school to learn a new programing code, if needed.
    I’m sorry for my poor English.

  • bazza

    Catch 22 situation as usual.

    Market share can’t increase is devs won’t make apps people want on the platform, but devs won’t make apps on the platform if it doesn’t have a high market share.

    Frustrating really.

  • Alehop

    It’s frustrating indeed. That’s why I stopped using all my other gadgets but WP7. I like the WP7 platform and I’d hate if we end up with just two options: iOS vs. Android.