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When is the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update coming out ?



Initially rumored to be in early Jan, the very first update to Windows Phone 7 has been delayed by quite a bit. The update which promised to add Copy / Paste , several performance enhancement to Windows Phone 7 is till not available. Initially the idea was to get it out in Jan and I am not making this up .. here is a link from Microsoft

of course now the link gets redirected to a different page but the redirect suggests the idea was to get this out in Jan. Now Jan is well behind us and there was a possible Feb 7th date floating around too for the NoDo Update but guess what that didn’t happen.

Now all the geeks will know Feb 14th .. no not Valentines Day, this year we also have Mobile World Congress kicking things off on the same day, and WMPU has hinted that info about the update will be released during this time. There is also some rumor going on that the update will happen on March 8th via everythingwm. Apparently Samsung reps have confirmed an early march release date for this update via this site and also supported by zdnet. I was hoping to see the relatively minor update pushed out sooner but its not likely to happen and an kinda disappointed with Microsoft. Anyhoo once the update goes live you can check this page for instructions on How to install the WP7 update.. One good thing about the update is you will get a notification on your phone once it goes live in your region.

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