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Next level concept - Weave news reader for Windows Phone

Next level concept – Weave news reader for Windows Phone
Yanko Andreev

If you follow Seles Games on twitter, you’ll be notice that Weave will reach the Next level – Weave 4.0 Beta is in process. Weave is featuring a gorgeous interface and lightning-fast performance, and offers a fresh take on your favorite websites. The first time you start Weave, simply choose the categories you are interested in, and you are ready to start reading articles at your leisure and enjoyment!
The goal of Weave 4.0 is to be much more easy to use, cleaner, and streamlined, while at the same time retaining the features “power-users” like to use (things like mark all read, extensive feed management, etc.). There are tons of new features and completely new interface. I already test the beta and I’m really happy with the update. However – I always has a lot of ideas and now I’ll share with you.

First idea is about syncing between the devices. Windows 8 RTM is out and soon will have possibility to upgrade Windows 7, or to buy Surface. From now I raise money for the PRO version :). My ideas is when we have versions for Windows 8 and for Windows Phone 8 – Weave to know which articles I’m read already. Will be good idea to have account option for the syncing and to keep my settings and preferred sites if I change the device. Of course will be great if we can use existing Live, Twitter, Google or Facebook account.

And here is my ideas and edits based on the preview of Weave 4.0 beta from the last week.

What is new in the beta (updated Aug 7):
- New home screen. The first panorama section shows the 4 “Most Viewed” categories or individual feeds that you subscribe to.
- “Favorites” section. You can now save articles that you like or want to read later.
- Completely revamped “Manage” section, which makes it really easy to manage your feeds, as well as add feeds via the feed library or by searching.
- Redesigned article list screen. Keeps the UI clean, while letting you access power-user features by swiping up on the minimized AppBar!
- COMPLETELY redesigned Article Viewer screen. We got rid of the popup, so you now go directly to the Mobilizer view. We also let you control, on a *per-feed* basis, whether you want an article to display via the Mobilizer, or via the traditional RSS HTML that websites expose.
- Control over the background and font color when reading an article. Pick from one of 3 themes: “Metro”, “Day”, “Night”.

Please note that all screenshots, icons and functions are from the beta and they are not finished yet and can be changed in the final version. I made only several edits. For more info and for all that want to test the beta – follow Seles Games on twitter. I hope so to like the article.

I made concepts almost for a year and it’s time for a little change. Starting from the next week there will be several types of concepts and entirely new designs and ideas, that I prepare for a while. Be ready :), and now I’ll enjoy the rest of the Weekend.

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  • Chet8560

    I would love for them to finally have a live tile. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

    • Yanko Andreev

      Additionally Seles Games plan to include the following:

      – Live Tile (yes, finally!)
      – Import feeds from Google Reader (again, finally!)
      – Pin Categories/Feeds to Start Menu
      – Save feeds to SkyDrive to use on other devices (hint hint)

  • pzieske

    Wow, the new UI looks incredible, and it seems like its functionality is finally up to par with the other readers.

  • tonykemite

    Your Screen dont respect the Metro-Design
    The Screen must be himself as a tile.
    Here a screen with the form of a tile: “”

    Then your Screen is black and the Smartphone is white : Why ?… This isnt aesthetically beautiful. Nokia has made ​​the same mistake. The white nokia 710 shows how it should be. If the smartphone is white, the screen should be white too…(Like the white Iphone 4s or the white galaxy s3 or the white nokia 710)…

    BUT…the UI looks incredible

  • Übersicko

    Looks awesome [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Yanko Andreev

    The article is updated with some of new features in the beta.

  • Andy Sanchez

    You guys seriously should be getting paid for your designs [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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