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| August 28, 2014

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Walkee Textee : see where you are going while texting on Windows Phone |

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Walkee Textee : see where you are going while texting on Windows Phone
Saijo George

Now there is an app for texting and walking, we all have done it and some have had horrible experiences from it. While there is no law against it in most parts of the world, it can certainly be dangerous in certain cases. Walkee Textee is a Windows Phone app that claims to provide a solution to this very problem. According to the developer you can use the app to walk and text without running in to anyone or anything. So how does the app do this ?

Walkee Textee solves this issue by using the camera to give a live feed to the screen, this way the user gets a view of what is in front of him or her. Now for this to work ideally it does require you to hold your phone up directly in front of you as you walk and type which is NOT how I normally use it. That said the idea behind the app is cool ( not original since the other major platform have had similar apps for a while now ) and is worth trying out to see if it fits your walk n text style.

When you launch the app the app loads up the camera and fetches a live feed from the camera on the phone. The display should throw up the feed in a few seconds and you will notice a small translucent area where you can type in your message. Now there is an effect selector that lets you add various text effect like artistic, geek, leet, mirror, etc. I did have some error message pop up while I was trying to change the text effects ( on a Lumia 920 ) , YMMV. You have the option to send this message as an SMS, email or you can post it to facebook or twitter. That is it a simple fancy little free app, certainly worth trying out at least for bragging to your mates.

Walkee Textee Video

Walkee Textee Screenshots

Walkee Textee is a FREE app for Windows Phone. There is a paid version available here for $0.99, which will most likely remove the ads.

Walkee Textee XAP Download

Click here or the logo of the app below.. you can even scan the barcode below using bing vision. To download the XAP to your PC click here

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Nice One

It is one of those novelty apps that you can brag about to your mates. I am not fully sold on its usefulness in a practical situation but I suppose having this on the phone might prevent someone from walking into a post while walking and texting.

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