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Vogue can get Linux based Android OS running !!!


HTC PocketPC / PDA gets Android OS up and running, we all knew it was just a matter of time before this would happen , its not fully functional ( yet )..

Martin from says

A couple of weeks ago I got a new phone, it’s an HTC Vogue (branded as OKTA Touch here in New Zealand).

It is a nice piece of hardware (MSM7500) but I’m not very impressed by the OS (Windows Mobile).

I thought I would make a start at getting Linux up and running on it.

Luckily the hardware is very similar to that used by the Google android project. There are some differences, the VIC is completely different and the phone software (AMSS) is a much older version so that won’t be working soon. It seemed to hang when I turned off the MMU so I rewrote the bootloader (haret) to set up some identity pages and boot with MMU on.

It turns out that it didnt really hang, the peripheral port memory remap register just doesn’t work on this system so you can’t do any i/o with the MMU off. I figured out how the frame buffer works, wrote some debugging code to see what happens during boot and some new VIC code.

Now to get the SD card working, port this stuff to 2.6.24, get android running with the old AMSS and we’re away.

Update: all ported to 2.6.24 and android boots (no input and phone not working so not much use yet).

Update: buttons should work, Volume up/down are the return and menu keys.

Update(9/4/08): Touchscreen works, it’s not perfect and can’t be calibrated but is usable.



initrd for android


diffs against android git (branch android-msm)


currently the buttons are not working, but the touchscreen is functional.

also check out the brave souls @ xda-dev trying this on their Vogue, Touch, Kaiser etc

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  • Eddie Monge

    A site has been started to track this development and includes an easy cab installer, windows installer and notes.

    Phone works, browser works, SMS works, theres an on screen keyboard and calls work (with end button working).

    Check it out at

  • Tom5555

    My screen turns ahalve black and then resetted automaticly