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Video Messaging on WP7?

Video Chat WP7

Video Chat WP7

Continuing the series of hints on possible WP7 improvements, Microsoft reps at CES may have dropped another one for video messaging on the platform during their discussions with Neowin.

The buzz is that Microsoft could be working on an app on WP7 to challenge Facetime. This would integrate with several other Live services like Windows Live Messenger.

When Neowin brought up the fact that front-facing cameras are not a requirement for WP7, the execs did not say if this was to be a requirement for the next wave of WP7.

Right now, the only messenger app on WP7 is a third party commissioned one which could mean that Microsoft is working on one of their own for the platform.

What other features would you like to see on the upcoming WP7 updates? Do write in folks.

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  • JD

    We can’t even MMS with video yet. I hope that is coming in the first update. Other stuff:

    •Bring Bing up to Windows Mobile 6 level with turn by turn navigation
    • Let camera remember setting. I want the vid to always be HD and I want the still cam yo always have anti-shake on
    • Integrate more features from TellMe…voice to text/email, please
    • Make OneNote easier up synch with desktop
    • synch and general moving of Office docs should be easier and not require Sharepoint server
    •Data from desktop Outlook should be able to find its way to the phone without Exchange

    • Saijo George

      @JD : some great tips , hope we get them soon.

      some things That would like to add to that

      I want Office on WP7 to access excel,doc,etc from skydrive and not just onenote ( via the app, not by the browser ) is it too much to ask for simple things like this?

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  • Izaak

    Did anybody else here watch the Microsoft keynote speech and notice how the woman just breezed over the cut copy-paste function like it was already available to us??

    • Saijo George

      @Izaak .. I think it was the butterfly, it was controlling her ..

      On a serious note : she must have been using that build for a while and must be so used to it as a default feature on WP7. That is going to come really soon , it should be good :)

  • victor roos

    Let ‘s hope so

  • Jhon

    I want to be able to turn off the camera shutter noise, its really annoying. Like mentioned before sending video through messages would be awesome, my previous phone could do this and it wasn’t a smart phone. Being able to send more than one attachment at a time with mms and being able to write when forwarding an mms instead of sending 2 different ones.

  • xebaxtian

    it would be nice if you can make an app for a real digital scale for the HTC hd7 windows phone