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[ Tutorial ] How to hard reset the HTC HD2 ( restore factory settings )



Do you need to hard reset the HTC HD2 so it’s back to its factory settings ? Here’s the step by step instructions to get that done: ( via )

Plz note that all custom files, pictures, video , music, everything will be DELETED when you Hard Reset the device

Some Essential steps before you Begin :
Charge the device prior to performing the hard reset.
Backup any valuable files or information.

  • Turn the phone off
  • Press and hold both the volume up and volume down buttons
  • Press and release the Power / Hang-up button
  • The device will turn on – release the volume buttons when you see the tri-color screen. It flashes for a second or two
  • The device will then display a prompt asking you to confirm the reset of the device
  • Press the volume up button to continue with the hard reset, or press any other button to cancel.

If the device still boots up, you can perform the same reset using the software on the device. Just tap Start / Settings / Security / Factory Reset and then enter the 4 digit security code – 1234, and the hard reset will begin.

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  • dee

    I followed all the steps to install android on my hd2, but when i click on CLRCAD and HARET it warns that it’s unable to open it. Then when i click on YES to open it i get about 5 textlines and then a black screen. I don’t know what’s wrong, can somone help me?

  • http:// duogorni

    “Just tap Start / Settings / Security / Factory Reset and then enter the 4 digit security code – 1234, and the hard reset will begin.”
    How much is realistic?

  • IHateeMyFoneeChickk

    Whenn I Press The Volumee Up (&&] Downn It Go Tuu This Redd, Greenn, Bluee, (&&] Whitee Shit! It Dnt Wrkk ! T-mobliee Is Bull Crap!

    • Tragic

      That’s what it’s suppose to do. When u get that colored screen u push the volume up key to start the reset.



  • prince

    thanks a lot. i just used your method to hard reset my hd2 and the phone is running again, though, i lost all my contacts. but i’m grateful

  • Computer repair essex

    Does anyone know if you have reset the original rom if you have a NAND andriod on your phone.

  • Ivan

    I would ask you for help,
    In fact I went to put Android up and I followed the instructions on the xda-developers, I formatted the card to FAT32, then I have a PC installed HSPL 2:08, then I started MAGLDR113_DAF (RomUpdateUtility) and after the installation is finished, reset the mob, however HTC logo comes up and nothing happens. Even not in the lower left corner, which is a version of that too. I tried the volume up + down hard reset to do, but again the same (for 1 sec is over, so I guess that does not make any restore)! PLEASE HELP, can not anything with him now! Thank you in advance for your help!

  • mhar custorio

    Hi! Ivan,
    Plz email me or message me in my fb acct at, i think i know exactly what you need.(hard reset or HTC-HD2)

  • jura

    žmones padėkit. mano htc hd2 užlinko konkrėčiai. padariau hard reset su migtukais bet jis nepasileidžia. atsiranda tik užrašas htc ir viskas .toliau nieko kas patars kas jam yra

  • kcoleman

    i have been trying to reset my phone using the volume buttons and it said after like a quick second that it was reset and when it came on the old google account was still on it. i have android on this phone so when i go to settings there is no security tab. so instead i go to settings-privacy-factory data reset-reset phone-erase everything and the phone just reboots and goes back to the original screen with the old google account that i do not have passwords for

  • larry

    I want to know how long does it take to Finish rebooting or resettings? and would it cancle all the stuff too like my google Acount and paswords i saved on??

  • larry

    After i done this my phone turn on plain white on the screen i dont know why and its still on why can you tell me why?

  • deen

    my htc is not booting up and i did the hard reset but still not booting

  • Dominique

    So reset my HTC HD2 phone and it worked however it is constantly resetting itself deleting everything from my phone

  • Jiří Handzel

    Hi there,

    i have a problem, i had android 4.0 on my phone, (the hard reset does’nt work of course) and i changed the main board, (i copied the memory) but when i turn it on it stops on magldr bootloader( v 1.13) :

    Bootig android from NAND

    ANDROID LOAD at 11800000

    from NAND

    yaffs2 part is /boot

    Load zImage

    Load intird.gz

    (K)11808000:2C5BE4 (I)12200000:28EE9

    Load done!
    GO GO GO!

    and then nothing…
    that means it’s some problem with the android in, so i tried to reinstall just android (cuz the kenrel and radio is already included) but cuz it doesn’t boot it cant install drivers and show in the pc so the romupdateutility.exe can’t find it… that means im stuck! … can pls anybody help me?
    Thanx a lot!
    u can contact me: