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Torrent Remote - uTorrent client for Windows Phone 7

Saijo George
  • On October 7, 2010

Torent Remote uTorrent WP7

Torent Remote uTorrent WP7

codeJoker is new Windows Phone 7 development studio closer to home. We have seen a few Aussie WP7 devs over time and these guys are the new kids on the block and come from Gold Coast in Queensland. And if you were wondering ” Hmmm I wonder if this will be allowed in to the WP7 marketplace ? ” the answer is YES. It looks like the developers have got the green light from Brandon Watson. ( at least that’s what they have mentioned on their blog ).

UPDATE : Official uTorrent app on Windows Phone is now available

It sounds like a great idea and I am sure there are many out there like me who would love to get this on their WP7 device. Using our username and password we can quickly login to the client and then manage the torrents running on the PC. You can delete, resume , pause the torrents and also add new one on the move. The devs have uploaded a video that shows the Torrent Remote app in action. If you don’t like the green UI there is an option to change the theme to something more like the metro style. If there is enough interest they might even add a toast notification when a torrent is finished ( which will require you to run a a back-end client on your PC ) .. sounds like a nice idea to us.

Want to learn minute by minute update on the app check em out on Twitter @codeJoker and if you are a visual creature there is youtube

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