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Ultimate tiletool concept app for Windows Phone

Ultimate tiletool concept app
Yanko Andreev

It starts with the tile. Live tiles are the heart and soul of the Windows phone. It’s a simple and elegant thing, but so powerful.
You now what is the Windows Phone moto – “Put people first” and this concept will be about people – about us and making our own tiles.
In quite a few of my previous concepts may notice a customized Live Tiles, such as not applicable in real applications. But now we have Windows Phone 8 – developed, better and much closer to Windows 8 than we can imagine. I hope so not only to dream but to see more interactive live tiles, with more options for customization and actions with them.

The current concept will be application for creating, customizing and editing your own live tiles, including standard features such as a simple shortcut plus interactive, live and renewed tiles and a combination between them. The application will be of the “Step by step” type, and creating your own tile will pass through certain stages.

The application will have the following options:

    • three sizes live tiles – small, large and extend
    • use of accent color (regardless of phone’s default), or an image from Gallery for background
    • insert shortcuts to any program or settings from the phone
    • create live tiles for programs without ones (like for example our application – 1800pocketPC)
    • insert interactive controls, such as watches, world clocks, chronometers, timers, calendar, etc…
    • notification center
    • interactive brightness slider
    • quick switch options on/off for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, sound, screen rotation, power saving, airplane mode, toggle the notifications tab, NFC and other controls
    • weather
    • battery percentage – presenting your battery level in a simple way
    • media players (controls for Music, Radio and other third party apps)
    • website boxes – updated part of the web-site – especially useful for sites with sports scores, or other frequently updated information – with the possibility to determine the refresh interval


The next steps depend of the chosen tile type. Here is the example if you choose Time and weather. You can set up all desire elements and steps, or just to use default settings and templates.


Click the image to enlarge

And here is example of several live tiles – small and large, simple and rich, useful and smart
Every custom tile is saved in the phone for further edit. You can see them all, edit them and share them to other Windows Phones. Connect Live, Google, Twitter or Facebook account for easy sync between your devices.

I hope you enjoy the concept and the ideas. Do you liked or no – please write in the comments below.

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  • eDameXxX

    Excellent idea!

  • Saijo George

    looks amazing but sadly this will never happen :(

    • Amil

      Never say never ;)

      (Good idea)

      • Saijo George

        unlikely to happen then :)

    • Henry


  • bob

    That’s going to sell like hot cakes. I’m not sure if you covered it, but your custom tiles should be able to display a static picture (or cycle through a folder of pictures) behind the different info you show.

  • Nick

    This is the best idea I’ve seen for phone. Even on Android there is no such detailed way to make widgets.
    Interesting to me is the current platform of Windows Phone allows this to be done?

  • brian hollars

    Simply brilliant! Amazing concept. Beautifully done and well thought out. I can only imagine how much time and effort went into your concept. Its awesome. Can’t wait to get it.

  • mmo

    amazing concept is that a notification center in fifth windows phone picture
    that one look really nice

  • Kareem Sumner

    I know I am late with a reply, but I remembered when I first saw this and thinking this is what WP8.5 or WP9 should look like. The only tweaks I would suggest are tiles extending edge-to-edge, a thinner gap between tiles, and the tiles starting just below the top menu bar (battery, signal, etc).

    I am not a fan of the “wasted” real estate at the very top (Microsoft’s doing – not Yanko’s). I know it is reserved for the banner, but maybe the banner could just drop down from the top thus pushing the tiles downward momentarily until the banner disappears and bouncing back into place. Or overlay the tiles with the banner making the tiles fade to the back until the banner disappears or swiped away. Hmmm….maybe things to discuss in an article!

    But that’s just my 5 cents!

  • KAZI