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| August 28, 2014

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Tango Update Screenshots Leaked |


WP Tango Logo

WP Tango Logo

Today, Russian website leaked images that shed more light on the Tango Update for Windows Phone. The info backed up some of changes we all were already aware of from previous leaks and added some new info to the rumor mill. They show some improvements to the OS in whole and some new limitations as well. We know about Tango Updating via Zune and the added support to many countries. We know about some media control changes, the possibility of folders,and lower specs required. Today we learned more about the lower specs.

Leaked Tango SS1

Leaked Tango SS1

Here’s what Tango brings to the table. Now only 256MB of RAM will be minimum requirement for the processor, down from 512MB, which has benefits and drawbacks. On the positive, this lowers the cost to outfit the device, thus lowering cost to the end user. With WP trying to get its piece of the market, low end devices can really improve their numbers in developing countries.

Leaked Tango SS2

Leaked Tango SS2

There are some changes to the entire OS as well. A big fix includes exporting and managing your contacts directly to your SIM. MMS is getting some help too. You will be able attach more than 1 item to your MMS, whether its video, photos, or sound. Roaming will now include “no”, “domestic”, and “international”. In addition to the changes in the way we get our media, we found out today that apps will be updated automatically by Zune.

Leaked Tango SS3

Leaked Tango SS3

The downside to lower end devices that will have 256MB, there will be some apps that will be unable to be downloaded as well as live tiles that don’t update automatically from some 3rd party apps. Some other issues with this lower end device include the inability to manage your podcasts through your device and a much smaller 3MP camera with no ability to upload to SkyDrive. Video streaming may be limited as well.

I see the biggest downfall to implementing lower spec processors, is the inevitable outcome. Ask Android owners how that’s going. Too many types of processors lead to problems in developing and testing updates. ICS for Android has been in testing phase for far too long, and I think it would be a step back for Microsoft. I see the ability to update throughout the multiple devices as WP’s strong point and is always a point of recognition and conversation for Android owners. We have become a little spoiled with the smooth, seamless, and efficient update rollouts. Don’t get to comfortable in your high throne though, remember NoDo?


  1. Brandon

    hmmm… very anxious to see the MMS capability. Was one of my gripes not being able to attach a quick video to an MMS message to my family members. Any chance somebody can give a demo?

  2. bAN01TgAZ

    I have just learned the images on were faked!

  3. Killakilna

    If this is made to work well on lower specs, surely it’ll run extra fast on current hardware? :D [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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