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| August 28, 2014

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[Concept] Nokia Music 2.0

July 19, 2012 | 20

Currently Nokia Music works as a general music player but with a location-aware twist. You also get access to the Nokia Music store, which is an alternative to the Zune Marketplace.
As a music player, it’s pretty standard – your tracks are sorted by artist, album, playlists or you can view all songs. The interface is very similar to that of the stock Zune player, but under the album art it lists the next three songs to be played – really helpful if you’re using shuffle. There’s no way to manually reorder the upcoming songs, but you can reshuffle them if there’s one you don’t like. Zune in the phone is pretty much the same – as a simple and straightforward interface with no settings or extra functions. However there are some things missing, like an equalizer. Another missing feature is the ability to scrub through a song with your finger – you have to press and hold on the FF/rewind buttons to simply jump back and forth.
Don’t get me wrong – they are beautiful and do that is design for, but sometime we need more than just the basic player. In Marketplace we can find a lot of music players, but they all are poor in function and vision. Actually I’m really surprise that there is no single application with nice interface and functions other than shuffle.
That is going to change with this concept. I’m gonna to develop the idea what should be the player.
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Build an idea #17 – New Marketplace concept

June 1, 2012 | 5

This month will see four concepts and the new Marketplace will be the first concept for June. Currently there are too many different stores for all Microsoft platforms – for apps, for games, for music, etc. Probably this is … Read More

Microsoft Almost Confirms the Death of Zune

May 30, 2012 | 12


Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer of Interactive Entertainment Division, Yusuf Mehdi has hinted the death of Zune in the company’s official blog and outlined the future of Xbox. If anyone had any doubt that the Zune brand is dead, the post would be enough to remove that doubt.

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Zemote : Zune remote for Windows Phone

March 13, 2012 | 2



According to the developers Zemote is the only remote in the Marketplace that’s capable of controlling your Zune player over WiFi with all functionality. Zemote can play, pause, skip songs, seek in a song, adjust the volume in Zune, shuffle and repeat. Besides all this basic things, you can also browse your collection trough an album, artist or song view. To find a particular song, you can search in your library and play it instantly. Zemote also provides your playlists, which you can play, edit or delete, or you can create a new playlist on the fly. Zemote also provides Zemote DJ, which allows you to queue up a list of songs you want to hear next (kind of creating a now playing list). Last but not least, you can also browse and play by genre. Press Release for Zemote

Zemote is a Zune remote that allows you to control the music playback of Zune on your PC. Browse your music collection trough the album-view to have all your covers under your fingertips and hit them to see the tracks on the particular album. Or find your favorite track in the tracks list or via a custom search. With Zemote you can also perform basic actions, such as setting the volume, mute, next track, previous track, play, pause and so on. You can also use, create, edit and delete your playlists. Zemote uses your local Wi-Fi-network to connect to your PC, all you need to do is make sure both your PC and your phone are connected to the same network and hit connect on your phone. When everything is set up, you can start using your phone as a remote!

• Play, pause, skip and previous command
• Turn repeat and shuffle on and off
• Change volume or mute
• Find songs in a track list
• Find songs in a artist list
• Use the album view to find songs of a particular album
• Search everything you want with a custom search
• Nice and easy-to-use interface in Metro UI style, mixed with our own style
• Live Tile
• Playlists: create, edit, delete and play playlists
• Automatic PC discovery

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Lumia 800 owners in Singapore start receiving 12070 firmware update via Zune

March 8, 2012 |
Nokia Lumia 800 firmware 12070 available in Singapore

Nokia Lumia 800 firmware 12070 available in Singapore

The Finns at Nokia have started rolling out their latest firmware for the Lumia 800 that addresses several bugs; primarily their third attempt at fixing the battery bug that has plagued many Lumia 800 owners, a camera mode change from Macro back to Normal which gives crisper close-up photos, Camera white balance has been looked at, the shutter sound option has been removed and there has been an audio fix which is claimed to give better bass when using headphones. Nokia have also updated the ‘on-device diagnostics tool’ which now has omissions in the Battery Status area. The update has been reported to still have a few bugs remaining, for example, if your volume is set to 10/30 and you plug the phone into the mains to charge, the phone beeps at full volume.

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Facelift For Microsoft and WP, Getting All Gussied Up For The MWC12

February 26, 2012 | 2


Over the past week Microsoft and Windows Phone have been busy unveiling changes to their logo, their image, and service names. A much needed change in Windows’ and WP’s image has been at the core of of many discussions as reasons for slow sales with the WP and the Microsoft has begun to address it. There are very high expectations this year in Redmond, Wa. for Microsoft’s Windows 8′s encompassing ecosystem. With Metro being incorporated into the entire Microsoft ecosystem with Windows 8, Windows 8 Tablets, and Windows 8 Phone an infusion of vitality was needed to capture the new generation of user’s and re-capture many user’s attention who abandonded the previous versions of Windows. With the MWC12 almost here and many new devices on the way, what better model runway could you ask for to show off the “new” sleek and simple Windows 8 image?
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Zune Pass coming this month to Australia for $12

October 26, 2011 | 4
Zune WP7 xBox PC

Zune WP7 xBox PC

Microsoft Australia has just announced voice control for Kinect along with Zune Music Pass subscription service , according to

Zune Music pass will launch on November 16 at $11.99 per month or $119.90 annually and will most likely be the same model as the service which was announced in Canada, and can be used on Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Zune devices and plan will provide unlimited, on-demand access to more than 14 million songs and will not include 10 MP3s to keep each month. (Unlike the previous Zune Music Pass offering which was limited to US ). It looks like Music Video will also be supported ( according to @longzheng who is attending the event). Microsoft’s also announced voice control for Kinect today.

Will update with more info as we get it .. Read More

HD support now on new Windows Phone Mango handsets

October 2, 2011 | 2
HD Video Playback

HD Video Playback

A lot of Windows Phone users might not be aware of the fact that when you transfer videos onto your device via the zune client the software re-sizes your video to a WVGA resolution using its own encoding codecs so that the video plays on your device without any resolution problems. Read More

HTC Working On Getting Beats to Windows Phone

September 25, 2011 | 3

HTC to bring Beats to Windows Phone

HTC to bring Beats to Windows Phone

HTC has recently partnered up with Dr.Dre to deliver phones with beats headset and the HTC Sensation XE has already been announced to be the first phone and we can expect the HTC Runnymede. So shouldn’t HTC also be thinking about integrating it with Windows Phone 7 when it is the only platform to have Zune ? Read More

Zune terms changing, reduce in number of sync devices

September 8, 2011 | 3


Zune Terms Message

Zune Terms Message

Something I am not very pleased to write about but it seems like starting September 13, Microsoft will be reducing the number of sync devices by  which you can sync with the Zune music service from a total of 6 devices ( 3 PC and 3 Windows Phone devices) to 4 (at least one computer and combination of other devices). You’ll also need to download at least one new song to each device to continue using the service. Read More

Podcasts on Windows Phone via Zune in Australia [ video ]

September 4, 2011 | 4

we did see that Microsoft was quietly testing Music and Podcast in Australia , I noted that I can now subscribe to audio and video podcast using Zune and can easily sync it with my Windows Phone. Unfortunately the marketplace … Read More

Is that Zune on your Android ?

July 31, 2011 |

UberMusic Android

UberMusic Android

No its not but it looks a lot like the real deal. UberMusic is a new music player for Android. The UI for the app is what many Windows Phone users will be familiar with coz it looks a lot like the stock Zune player on Windows Phone. It’s said Android does not have a good music player ( I haven’t uses an Android device so I cant comment on that ) but a developer Federico Carnale, has decided to fix this by porting Windows Phone 7′s music player UI to Android under the name of UberMusic and comes with a price tag of AU$3.18 . Video after the break

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HTC HD7 gets NoDo

March 31, 2011 | 5

Finally, the TMo HD7 gets its shots of ‘Copy/Paste’, among other things! Based on the schedule released earlier by Microsoft, T-Mobile has begun to release the NoDo update to its users.  HD7 users will get a shot at the update through their Zune software. this was announced by TMo on their Twitter feed and some users should have already got their ‘lucky’ break. The announcement only claims the START of the update and it might take a while to reach everyone – so patience folks.

You should be getting the notification OTA but will need to connect through the Zune software to actually GET the update.


Copy Paste At Last

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How to install Windows Phone 7 Update

February 1, 2011 | 3

WP7 Update

WP7 Update

The new Windows Phone 7 Update is just around the corner, if rumors are true it could be as early as Feb 7th. So I guess its time we take a loot at what to expect and how to install the Windows Phone 7 Update. The much needed copy-paste , performance enhancements are expected in this update, at-least those are the stuff we know will be there. I wonder if anyone is toying with the idea Microsoft might surprise us with something like custom ringtones ?

Microsoft has enforced a maximum 20MB/OTA ( over the Air : read with out connecting to Zune PC Software) update size in order to save the data costs and bandwidth, Its highly likely the new update will be over 20 MB and thus the Zune PC Software will do the work. So lets get started and get everything setup so we are all ready to install the update as soon as its released.

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Zune expands its service to more countries

September 21, 2010 | 6

Zune WP7 xBox PC

Zune WP7 xBox PC

Well we all knew this was going to be announced as WP7 is getting closer to a release date and now its official Microsoft is expanding the Zune Multiscreen Entertainment Services Into International Markets. Before you get all excited there are limitations to the non US market. Microsoft is planning a roll-out of the Zune music and entertainment service to more than 20 countries this fall including the U.K., France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Zune software will be updated to v4.7 which is a magic number for WP7 users coz this will bring support for Windows Phone 7, and will allow us to sync music, movies, pictures, podcasts, games and apps between PC and WP7. ( no support for Mac has been announced at this stage )

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[ RUMOR ] Zune Pass Price drop

May 28, 2010 |

Zune Pass is currently $14.99 per month for unlimited streaming and 10 DRM-free MP3s and according to Gizmodo Microsoft might be lowering the subscription price even further. No indication what that new price might be but looks like MS is … Read More

Press Release : 64GB Zune HD for $350 launching April 12th

April 2, 2010 |



We’re excited to share that Zune fans will be able to purchase a new 64GB capacity of the popular Zune HD device for $349.99 starting April 12th through By increasing the Zune HD capacity to 64GB, users will be able take up to 16,000 songs, or 20 hours of high definition video from Zune Marketplace, or 25,000 pictures* on the go! Customers will be able to customize their Zune HD 64GB through, available in their choice of Platinum, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Magenta colors.

In addition to introducing the new 64GB capacity, we are also reducing the prices of the 16GB and 32GB devices. Starting today, price lists are being distributed to retailers, setting the Estimated Retail Price (ERP) for the Zune 16GB device at $199.99 and the Zune HD 32GB device at $269.99.

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Zune coming to Windows Mobile

November 17, 2009 |

According to the Microsoft’s general manager for TV, video and music marketing, Christine Heckhart, said that Redmond wanted to put Zune on “three screens”, tying in with the company’s wider goal of integrating PC, television and mobile phone under … Read More

Mobile Media Player is out and Zune is in !!

October 23, 2009 | 2

According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that Zune is coming to Windows Mobile.

“For Zune he says Windows Mobile is going to get integration in the next release — which is a comforting thought, if perhaps … Read More