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Voice Commands

Your phone talks to you … only on Mango

August 11, 2011 |

We did see some cool concepts that might come to Windows Phone , but here is something that all of us can enjoy once you have Mango on your device.

When you get a text message , the phone will … Read More

The future of Microsoft Tellme on Windows Phone

August 10, 2011 |

In a new Microsoft Tellme promo ad , we see how the future of Microsoft Tellme on Windows Phone might look like. It looks like you could just start taling to Windows Phone like you would to a person and it will get you results on what you are looking for and with Twitter and Facebook integrated right in to the OS it will take in to account what your friends recommend !!! Once it has the result it will tell you talk to you about the various result it has , the phone actually tries to talk to you and addresses you by your name .. I am not sure I am ready for that just yet. I would assume you will get a notification and if you choose to get it it will say it out to you, I believe no one would want their phone to just start speaking to them every now and then from their pocket ;). Video after the break

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