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Smart Mahjongg 2.0.3725 – Mahjongg for windows mobile

March 29, 2010 |
Type: Freeware
Cost: $0
Size: 849.61 kB
Release date: 14 Mar 2010
Platform: Pocket PC,WinMobile

Smart Mahjongg

Smart Mahjongg is the adaptation of a popular old Chinese board game especially for Pocket PCs with Touchscreen. Other names are Mah Jong, Taipei, Taipeh or Shanghai. The objective of the Solitaire version for single player, which is implemented in Smart Mahjongg, is to remove all 144 tiles from the board. Features: different tile sets and layouts, autoplay, undo, hints, shuffle remaining tiles, statistics, screen rotation and zoom, multilingual user interface. And… it’s free for personal usage!

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[Shareware] ThumbCal 1.3 – finger friendly tasks and calendar solution for Windows Mobile get 20% off for the next week

June 13, 2009 | 2


Thumbcal is a new generation all in one Task and Calendar finger friendly application. If Windows Mobile touch screen devices come with a stylus, one has to admit using the fingers is a much more natural fashion. Yet very few Windows Mobile applications have been designed for being used without a stylus. With Thumbcal you will realise that your device screen is much bigger than you thought. It is just a question of arranging the information properly, and designing the software for this purpose ! Now thanks to all our readers can get the app with a 20% discount for the next week.
  • EFFICIENT: we have designed Thumbcal to always minimize the number of clicks needed. We use a context based engine to adapt the navigation path. For instance, a single click on any day from the month view will either show the list of existing events, or ask you to create an appointment/task. Define your own default values for appointment duration, reminder/alarm options
  • NATURAL: scrolling everywhere so fast : swipe your finger up/down or left/right from the month/week/day view to move to another period. For instance from the month view a left swipe will bring up the next month. Swiping your finger up will take you 1 year ahead.
  • EASY: no need to learn how to use Thumbcal. Some Personal Information Managers offer very powerful features to create links between, tasks, appointments, your contacts… but learning can be challenging. So if you are looking for a real user freindly solution, that does not require a lengthy and painful learning process, we have designed Thumbcal for you.
    • No more need for a stylus : fully designed for finger use
    • Full replacement of the default Windows task and calendar application.
    • Full Outlook Synchronisation
    • Available in 16 languages already (more coming!)
    • Choose your style : share with our community many themes to change the appearance of ThumbCal in a few seconds. If you want even more customisation, we will help you create your own unique theme!

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[Press Release] SecuBox gets updated to version 1.5

June 4, 2009 |

Aiko Solutions, Europe’s leading Windows Mobile security software developer, today released SecuBox version 1.5, an advanced data encryption solution for Windows Mobile phones. SecuBox provides transparent on-the-fly encryption of data stored in the smartphone memory and its media cards. SecuBox protects corporate and personal information in case the mobile devices get lost or stolen. SecuBox is Windows Mobile 6 certified.

SecuBox makes it possible for any Windows Mobile user to enjoy state-of-the-art security without changing their work routines. Anyone can securely store their confidential documents, private files and images and customer data in a SecuBox container, protected by AES 256 bit encryption, the U.S. government standard encryption algorithm. SecuBox ensures no data leaks occur on the go, as it will automatically lock data when the user becomes inactive or when the phone goes into “sleep” mode. “We have designed this new version to provide not only reliability and maximum security, but offer such convenience that can make encryption a good habit,” says Alexander Kutsy, Aiko Solutions CTO.

SecuBox 1.5 main features:

  • Strong AES 256 bit encryption
  • Encryption key backup
  • Auto-unmount on device sleep
  • Auto-unmount after a certain period of storage inactivity
  • DOD Wiping
  • Command line support
  • Integration with Windows Mobile File Explorer
  • “Recently Mounted List”
  • Ability to choose third party file explorer
  • Support for  ARM, MIPS, SH3, SH4, X86 processor types
  • “Strengthen Encryption Key” option
  • 4Gb SecuBox storages are now supported

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[Shareware] Spb TV 1.0 – online TV app from SPB

April 2, 2009 | 2

Spb TV 1.0 Main Features

  • Unique TV browser with quick channels preview and list of current & upcoming TV shows for fast channel selection
  • Integrated full week’s TV guide
  • Ability to set Outlook reminders for TV … Read More

[ Shareware ] Spb Wallet 2.0 – also coming to an iPhone near you

February 6, 2009 | 2

Spb Wallet securely stores sensitive information AES 256-encrypted and password-protected, supports automatic lockup, clipboard cleanup, and protects from phishing. The data can be synchronized between (and accessed from) multiple PCs and mobile devices. The virtual, electronically stored items, such as … Read More

[ Shareware ] DJ Party Mixer – music mixing tool for windows mobile

January 22, 2009 | 9

DJ Party Mixer

DJ Party Mixer

As the name suggest DJ party mixer is music mixing tool for your ppc. It has a bunch of features like editing playlist, mixing mp3′s manually or automatically. It can make a smooth transition from one music track to another by setting start and end point of mp3 file. This program will surely elate the DJ in you. Professional features such as loops are fully supported. Also included are 30 free sound effects, like explosions, horns, applause, jingles, and so on. The music can be played over the phone’s speakers, via headphones or to an amplifier with a lead-out cable. The application is free for trial and $12.99 to buy.

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