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| August 29, 2014

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Build an idea #17 – New Marketplace concept

June 1, 2012 | 5

This month will see four concepts and the new Marketplace will be the first concept for June. Currently there are too many different stores for all Microsoft platforms – for apps, for games, for music, etc. Probably this is … Read More

Windows Phone web Marketplace welcomes 22 new countries

May 3, 2012 |



Tonight (European Time) Microsoft announced that they are extending the availability of the Windows Phone web Marketplace to 22 new countries.

The lucky users are sitting in the following countries Read More

How Microsoft will improve the Windows Phone Marketplace

May 1, 2012 | 1



Recently Microsoft posted an article about how they will improve the Windows Phone Marketplace.

They are aiming to keep the quality bar high in the Marketplace. Microsoft clarifies once again that a great shopping experience is one of the most important things in an ecosystem. Read More

Editorial: What is going on at Windows Phone Marketplace?

April 28, 2012 | 3

This week we became aware of a really annoying thing with the Windows Phone Marketplace.  It turns out that some developers seem to harm the Windows Phone Marketplace. Read More

Fruit Ninja´s price sliced, Wordament goes Xbox Live

April 25, 2012 |



Today we registered two changes in the Xbox Live section in Marketplace . The collection of free and reduced Xbox Live games is growing.  Read More

[Developers] Microsoft adds app reporting to Windows Phone Marketplace

April 17, 2012 | 6

The Windows Phone Marketplace was flooded with spam apps in the last month. So what do we count as spam apps, you ask? Here is a short list:

  • website feeds (even if there are official apps like ours)
  • mobile site wrappers (basically a mobile website that has an app to start)
  • screenshot apps (really, they exist!)
  • multiple apps where one app is also possible (for example real estate apps for each US city) Read More

Does Windows Phone need more exclusive apps?

April 16, 2012 | 10 recently did a research about the Marketplace. Their goal was to check if the marketplace is really as worse as some people saying.

The result is that 76 of 100 apps are cross-platform; only 24 apps are exclusive to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Read More

Just Dance 3 Autodance hits the Marketplace

April 14, 2012 | 6

We reported last month of the upcoming release of Just Dance 3 Autodance by Ubisoft, We are proud to announce the wait is over and the app has finally reached the Marketplace so you can all check it out for yourself. Read More

[Developers] Microsoft is preparing the Marketplace for the future

April 13, 2012 |



If you are a developer, you might have experienced a slowdown in app submission time. While Microsoft announced this to be happening (telling us that the average time for app approving is going up to 5 business days), they also are working in the background to improve this.

Yesterday Microsoft posted an article on what happened and will happen to App Hub. Read More

Why Microsoft still pays for Windows Phone apps

April 6, 2012 | 2


Yesterday an interesting article showed up on the New York Times. Microsoft is still paying for Windows Phone apps, at least for the “high quality” apps.

To be honest for me it is no surprise that Microsoft pays off some of the big app makers to support their Windows Phone OS. As we reported earlier, Microsoft has a – let us call it master plan – to drive the growth of its mobile OS. On point of this plan is to bring the Top 25 apps of Android and iOS  to the Windows Phone OS. Read More

This year Microsoft will get only a tiny piece from app download cake

April 6, 2012 | 1

In a recent market study, ABIresearch claims there will be about 36 billion app downloads this year. The major part will be downloaded on Android and iOS (83%), says the study.

Windows Phone itself will get only 2% of the whole downloads, believes ABIresearch. Read More

The next 10,000 apps have reached the Windows Phone Marketplace

April 5, 2012 | 3


Yesterday the folks at All About Windows Phone published the new Windows Phone Marketplace numbers. Now there are more than 80,000 apps published to the Marketplace.

While of course not all of these apps are active or available to everyone, this is a big step towards Microsoft’s goal to reach 100,000 apps in front of the launch of Windows Phone Apollo. If the numbers continue to rise with this pace, the 100,000 apps mark will be reached by the end of May. Read More

Microsoft´s not so secret plan to close the app gap on Windows Phone

March 28, 2012 | 4

Yesterday some slides from Microsoft´s marketing team were “leaked”  to the internet.

On this slides Microsoft describes how they want to close the app gap on Windows Phone. The slides make clear how serious Microsoft is with their mobile OS Windows Phone.

The slides are also showing that Microsoft has also recognized that users are looking on apps, apps and apps.  Read More

Nokia Filling More WP Gaps: DLNA Streaming App “Play To” Goes Beta

March 24, 2012 | 2


Nokia's Play To

Nokia's Play To


It seems Nokia has picked up the whole WP world and put us on their shoulders! What will Nokia be responsible for introducing next involving Windows Phone? MS is leaning heavily on Nokia to bring notoriety to the WP platform and the Finnish company is not letting MS or us down! Today, Nokia released their Beta DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance) streaming app, Play To, for Windows Phone bringing more aspects of the WP up to existing standards with Android and iPhone which both utilize DLNA streaming. DLNA allows you to stream your multimedia, such as photos and music to other DLNA connected devices such as computers, cell phones, and other media devices like a gaming consoles. This feature has been missing since WP’s inception and has been a heavily requested feature to be added to future builds to the Windows Phone OS. Congrats Nokia! Hurry up other OEM’s not named Nokia!
Read More

Nokia Lumia 610 Heading To The Netherlands?

March 21, 2012 |

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610


In an attempt to bring Windows Phones to a younger crowd and people with a more limited budget, Nokia and WP’s other OEM’s are gearing up to release these lower-priced/lower-spec’d devices to the market. Now making the list of regions to be receiving the Nokia Lumia 610, will be the Netherlands. While the Lumia 610 won’t blow you away with all the features available to  its bigger and faster Lumia family members sporting 512MB of RAM, this new low cost device with 256MB of RAM will surely offer plenty of bang for its buck!

Read More

The Evolution of Windows Phone Download Button

March 18, 2012 | 2

The download from Windows Phone Marketplace has gone some change over time , initially we have the colourful download buttons available in multiple colours with he text ” for Windows Phone 7 ” and with the release of the web marketplace and with the name change from Windows Phone 7 to just Windows Phone we saw a chance which made the official download button in a single colour with the text ” Download for Windows Phone ” which was a good move IMHO , it represents a more unified logo for Windows Phone and now there is a new one where they have tweaked the colours and have thrown in Windows logo which looks nice and all but I am not a big fan of them changing the download button every so often .. and one has to wonder if they will replace this one with the new one perhaps with the new windows 8 logo which people seem to like better than the old one. What do you guys think ?



Read More

Just Dance 3 Autodance on Windows Phone

March 13, 2012 | 11
Just Dance 3 Autodance for WP7

Just Dance 3 Autodance for WP7

We managed to get our hands on a preview copy of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 game by Ubisoft,Just Dance 3 Autodance
I managed to find the following press release online…

Over 1m million downloads to date and hundreds of 5 star reviews! (on other OS’s)

Everyone is Autodancing; from grannies to dogs, from builders to toddlers. See why, download the app today, it’s totally free. Read More

No Rumors, Just What We Know: Tango Update Broken Down

March 9, 2012 | 24


If you write about Windows Phone, you have at one point or another written an item on Tango or published a leaked photo about it. That’s because it’s interesting stuff, for techies and for average owners alike and we have a hungry crowd of info seekers! One of the benefits to being a WP owner is the excitement of knowing you WILL be a recipient of frequent updates, unlike other mobile platforms. So here’s our a clear look at what we know as we say “goodbye” to Mango and “hello” to our next update named Tango
Read More

Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace Being Discountinued

March 9, 2012 | 4
Windows Mobile Marketplace

Windows Mobile Marketplace

Microsoft is informing owners of the Windows Mobile 6.x OS via email, Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace will be discountinued May 9th, 2012. This is Microsoft’s first real public seperation from the Windows Mobile platform. As the older platform has begun to fade away, more accurate data has been able to be collected for Windows Phone. Up until recently most data collectors combined the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone operating systems into to one group when describing Microsoft’s mobile market share. Read past the break to learn of the changes.

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TwiDeep: WP’s 1st Beautiful, Appealing, and Unique Twitter Client App

March 4, 2012 | 13


With so many choices of Twitter apps becoming available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, it can be a lost cause try each choice and decide which Twitter client app best suits your needs. Currently most WP owners are well aware of and use the 3 most publicised Twitter client apps. Those would be the official Twitter app, Mehdoh, and Carbon. I love Twitter and am able to keep up with friends and all the news. I myself, until recent, used Mehdoh when I stumbled upon this beautifully designed but little known Twitter client called TwiDeep. Today I introduce you to TwiDeep, readers meet Twideep, TwiDeep meet the readers. I am officially an avid Twideep user now! After talking with Deepra LTD, developer of TwiDeep, I wanted to share their app with you! Read pass the break for current features, upcoming features, and the download…

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