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More ways to enjoy 1800PocketPC

September 5, 2013 |

For those who aren’t aware, keeping up to date with the latest 1800PocketPC posts while browsing the internet is as easy as glancing to the sidebar on the right of the screen. However, users of Google Chrome and Opera on … Read More

[Concept] Google Chrome Browser for Windows Phone

October 12, 2012 |

This is my concept for alternative browser for Windows Phone. Currently The Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) does not allow sufficient access to the lower level code required to create their own browsers, while in the next version it may well be possible. This will allow third party developers to port and develop apps (such as browsers) to Windows Phone much easier.

The possible existence of third party browsers will be welcome news for people that want more choices or just don’t like IE. This motivates me to provide a competitive product for the audience of Windows Phone – Chrome – one of my personal favorite desktop browsers. It’s not as clean, beautiful and fast as Internet Explorer 10, but (in my personal experience) it’s better in other situations. The most important and useful feature for me is the sync option between all devices with Chrome – this bring my open tabs, bookmarks and Omnibox data from my computer to my phone or tablet. You will notice that concept is made of several ideas, not only for Chrome, but for Windows Phone 8 too. I combine real features with my ideas – all in the name of good experience.

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