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XAP is the new CAB

April 26, 2010 | 1

Well the long run of Cab files on Windows Mobile is above to come to an end. According to Da_G from xda-developers in Windows Phone 7 app and games will come in the form of XAP files.

A .xap is … Read More

EzSetup 2.1 – create installation programs for your Pocket PC

January 29, 2009 | 1



We all see those handy little cab files for installing just about anything on your pocket pc, ever wondered where they came from ? For those of you all who would like to give a go at creating one for yourself try EzSetup which is a freeware Pocket PC installation file creator. The installers created by EzSetup are very intuitive for end users; they are applicable to any Pocket PC, and users don’t have to worry about choosing between several installation files. The EzSetup installers are always provided with customizable readme and license agreement sections. The installers are compressed, self-contained, self-extracting and can be created in several languages. EzSetup is a command line application with some parameters keys. If you want to create an installer of some program for a Pocket PC you just run EzSetup with desired parameters, and provide it with the CAB, readme and license agreement files. EzSetup will create an .exe file, which can be copied to ActiveSync for installation. Scott Ludwig developed the first version of EzSetup and now it is distributed by SPB Software as an open source application.

  • Compressed, self-contained, self-extracting Windows setup program
  • Multilanguage support
  • End user license agreement step
  • Automatical uninstallation
  • Standard Windows look and feel
  • Source code is also available

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Online CAB file maker anyone ?

January 21, 2009 |

If you are looking for an easy way to make an cab installation file then look no further. Cab-O-Matic is the first online cab maker for windows mobile. Its in beta and is online now.

Use of Cab-O-Matic is simple:

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CABviaActiveSync v1.5 – easy way to install cab files

October 22, 2008 | 5



CABviaActiveSync v1.5 is a very useful application which adds a shortcut in windows context menu for sending a .cab file to your pocket pc through activesync. This tool will save you couple of clicks and will make your life easier !

Here is how it work:

  1. CvAS installs on your desktop PC, and adds a right-click context menu for CAB files
  2. When you click the menu, the CAB is automatically parsed, copied to your ActiveSync directory, and a regular ActiveSync install is initiated
  3. When the install is complete, the CAB file stays in the ActiveSync directory, meaning you can un/reinstall in future, without having to archive the CAB away somewhere.

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MSCEInf – see whats inside the .CAB files

September 23, 2008 |


With this nifty little tool , you can literally rip open the cab file and see whaat are the contents in it. What files are installed , the location that it will be installed to. What registry values are created or changed. If any short cuts are place in the programs folder , etc

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CabInstl – Install cab files to the location of your choice

September 17, 2008 | 1

This program is an installer for CAB files and allows to install PPC programs into the specified folder instead of that by default created by the standard installer.

If the folder is not specified, installation will be made into the default folder.
If the developer of the program being installed has firmly set the allocation of files in a CAB file – it will be used during the installation.

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QuickCab – create your own .cab files

June 29, 2008 | 3

QuickCab is a standalone utility for making CAB files that are compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile. A CAB file is a compressed file that may contain Files and Registry Settings that will be installed onto a Windows Mobile Device. Requires … Read More