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adult applications

If you are looking for Adult Apps on Windows Phone, this section will give you all the apps you need. From homebrew apps to apps on the marketplace we cover all the adult apps you desire on your windows phone device.

BlowSkirt : Puff app for Windows Phone

July 1, 2012 | 6

Even with Microsoft’s stands against Adult Apps for Windows Phone which they outline as

we don’t allow apps containing “sexually suggestive or provocative” images or content. What we do permit is the kind of content you occasionally see on prime-time TV or the pages of a magazine’s swimsuit issue.

We have seen apps that ends up on the marketplace that we feel contain sexually suggestive or provocative content. These adult apps for windows phone comes in various forms and today we see the infamous Puff app clone ( I don’t think its by the same developer , but someone who has probably ripped off that work .. another reason why the app should be removed ? ) up on the marketplace. We have seem similar work on Windows Mobile and I am willing to bet iPhone [ gizmodo ] and Android had some form of this app at some stage.

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Wobbler : add wobbly bits to images on Windows Phone [ Updated ]

June 6, 2012 | 3

Wobbler Windows Phone

Wobbler Windows Phone

Wobbler is an app that lets you add wobbly bits to images and use the accelerometer on the phone to get some wobbly action to the image. The user can take a photo of anyone or anything using the inbuilt camera or pick an image from the library then add the circular wobbly region overlays on the photo, then click on play preview. Now shaking the phone will cause anything in the chosen regions to wobble. Safe for Work Video below to see the app in action.

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Windows Phone is now a mature platform.. Why ? coz there is PORN

August 24, 2011 | 3

Tube8 Windows Phone

Tube8 Windows Phone

Q : When do you know a mobile platform is successful ?
A : When the platform starts to attract adult apps ..

Microsoft has said NO to porn / adult content ( but there are a few lewd looking app icons on there ) on the marketplace but that has not stopped a developer Devil-Y Software from releasing porn / adult apps for the platform. The developer has released a client for tube8 which brings adult video content to Windows Phone called Tube8 and if you are after images there is an app called PixChan7 that brings xxx images to your windows phone. You will need to have an unlocked windows phone to sideload these apps on to your device.

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[ NSFW ] iKamasutra sneaks on to Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

December 21, 2010 | 6

iKamasutra 002

iKamasutra 002

I am guessing no one would need any special introduction to Kamasutra, a Sanskrit literature by Vātsyāyana. Each screen in the iKamasutra WP7 app depicts in the one of the over one hundred different sexual positions, and describes them in detail. The app allows the user to track their experiences with each one, and even share them via social networks like Facebook and Twitter ( now who wouldn’t like to do that … ). I was under the impression that no application containing sexually suggestive content will be allowed on the WP7 Marketplace but hey its some how present on the marketplace.

WP7 App Description

Find out what over 2 million lovers are talking about and try it today!

“Really exciting and entertaining app!” – Wired
“A stylish way to spice up the sex life” – MacWorld
“With all the countless exciting positions, make sure to stretch out!” –

➤Designed for adult couples who want to get inspired. iKamasutra will get the two of you motivated, and help you connect in new exciting ways!

- Hundreds of Positions
- Detailed Descriptions
- Soothing Music

- 9 Categories
- Untried or Tried Positions
- Position Intimacy, Complexity & Strength levels
- Saved Favorites, Todo’s, Recently viewed etc.

- Progress Tracking
- Password Protection
- Fun Game “Shake to get a Random Position”
- Share your progress on Facebook & Twitter
- Fullscreen slideshows, even your own playlists

Be the first to know!

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[ NSFW ] CockInouX 2.1 – the sexy dices for windows mobile

April 9, 2010 | 2



Why not enjoy long summer evenings to renew the art of the preliminaries? With this roll of the dice, chance will determine your actions. The artifice of famous sexy rogues on Windows Mobile … and free!
On each side of the first die are parts of your body or your partner.
The second set acts lover fondling, kissing, licking, etc..
The third is the perfect location for your antics: bedroom, living room, etc..
On the fourth die is indicated duration.

You now have a choice of more than 39,000 opportunities for fun … and if this does not give free rein to your imagination! You also have the opportunity to have a countdown going, alone, change the action.

- Dice animations
- Sounds (rolling dice, sighs ,…)
- Several levels
- Selection of dice to roll
- Multiple languages
- Vibration feedback
- Graphics revised
- Countdown and automatic restart of the dice
- Action for men
- Actions for women
- More than 39,000 possibilities
- Bottom bar (options) greater for not bad surprise

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[ NSFW ] Mosatsu RIP for windows mobile phone – Adults only

April 4, 2010 | 7

Smash hit Japanese cool sexy gravure “MOSATSU” after its success on the iPhone now enters windows mobile thanks to the effort from y2ksatan from xda-developers. Plz note the images are NSFW and some of them features full nudity. The app features a few models and it might be possible add your own by editing the “Models” directory. There is no cab just download the zip and extract the content to your device and run the .exe file. some images does have alignment issues but if you are too fussy about it you can edit it yourself.

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[ NSFW ] windows phone app review : HD2Wobble

February 27, 2010 |

I guess HDWobble would require no introduction .. now we have Hd2Wobble which was made for the HD2 , it makes use of the multi-touch and the high processing power of the media power house.

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[ NSFW ] hd2Wobble Beta now available

February 7, 2010 | 16

Who says windows mobile cant be fun, here is the beta version of hd2Wobble.The new version of the hdWobble app introduces a new image gallery and is optimized for the HD2. hd2Wobble which brings the “bouncy-bouncy” fun on to Windows Mobile. The app works with G-Sensor. To see the app inaction watch the video here [ NSFW ]

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hdBoobs 1.1 – Another iBoobs clone for TouchHD

June 19, 2009 | 1


It seems PocketPC developers are taking a nasty turn with some eye catching applications being released every other day. Last week we have had enough from users about the first iBoobs clone of PocketPC ie HDWobble. This time it gives us immense pleasure(of course you would have the same) to introduce another nice eye catching iBoob clone for Touch HD users.

There have been reports of people not feeling too much happy about non-operation of HDWooble on their pocketpc, Anyway without wasting much of time here we are with another shakky ;) application for Touch HD users. It is based on G-sensor & gives almost a similar looks to that of Pamela. LOL.

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