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Surface Phone Concept

Surface Phone Concept
Yanko Andreev

What caused the problems of Windows Phone on a global scale – I often think that Windows Phone is supposed to have a bigger market share. The Microsoft’s platform is beautiful, fast and secure. There are a large number of OEM manufacturers and most popular applications has a WP version. Then what is the problem? The lack of unique application? The lack of a unique hardware? Crowded market? The limitations of the platform? Bad reputation? There is no clear answer to these questions.
If Microsoft wants users to abandon iOS or Android and to move to their platform, they have to offer an own unique proposal. Something that others can not. Although Windows Phone is an amazing operating system with an innovative and futuristic interface and amazing design, it offers nothing more than the products of Apple and Google.

Welcome to another year of Concepts – 2013 – It is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. I read all comments and take all good ideas from my latest post - Build your dream device running Windows Phone. Thanks for everyone – there were really good and bold ideas.

What is the conclusion - Microsoft needs to make the ultimate device – entirely different Windows Phone – not just the another smartphone. To break the habits we don’t need just a new platform – we need system between software and hardware – we need a complete product like Microsoft Surface.

Most of your ideas, including my own dreams are for really powerful and hi-end device – to run both Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT, to have USB and HDMI on the go (OTG through docking station) and big HD screen.

When connected to a monitor and a keyboard and mouse, using dock station, Surface Phone provides a real computer experience using Windows 8 RT and desktop apps. Do you really have a need for such a device? I think yes – the experience has shown that 2-in-1 devices are often successful, especially if they are made as complete product – quality, beautiful and with a purpose.

Key Features: 

  • Metal unibody design with chrome real metal detailing
  • Large high definition display  with curved edges
  • 16 MP camera with PureView technology and wide-angle lenses
  • Powerful productivity features
  •  entirely wireless phone with no ports for data connection and charging
  •  portable docking station with two USB devices, HDMI port and 3.5 mm jack

Technical Profile:

  • Dimensions - 141 x 72 x 11  mm
  • Weight - 189 g
  • Display - IPS technology LCD capacitive touchscreen with curved edges, 16M colors
    1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.1 inches
  • three stereo speakers (two front and one back)
  • Battery - Non-removable Li-Ion 3500 mAh
  • Memory - 128 GB storage + MicroSD, 4 GB RAM
  • CPU – 2GHz Tegra 4 - 4-plus-1 cores


I hope so to enjoy the concept and the idea of this device. What do you think – please write in the comments below, or you can read all ideas for dream device here.

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  • Joe

    Good designs, and I think you’re right – they need a standout device.
    I would go further. What about the split screen phone we saw in the concept video. They have worked out a good magnetic hinge with the Surface, why not create a dual screen phone that is detachable. It would be a foldable phablet.

  • kunwar

    I will like to have phone capable of linking with satellite automatically when there is no tower connectivity available to avoid dropped calls or data loss. It shall also be made available in more colors so that people can choose per their horoscope.

  • Curtieson

    Neat thought with the no data port…but until the costs of chargers comes down that isn’t feasible. I got the free charger from AT&T but they a $50. I currently use 4 different charging cords (two at home, car, and work.) I can’t imagine spending $200 just to keep my current charging situation.

    I love the thought of setting a phone down and it connects via QI and NFC and starts to work as a desktop, haha

  • My Cummings

    I just came in my pants

  • evath

    A couple of issues:

    - what about a front-facing camera? That is something I think EVERY phone should have one.

    - why is everyone obsessed with non-removable batteries nowadays? I, personally, prefer to have a spare battery everywhere. I keep one spare with me in my pocket, one in my car, one at work, and a couple at home. And yes, these are the extended 3000 mAh batteries.

    - and honestly, a completely wireless phone sounds stupid. Even if it is primarily wireless, it should still have a wired backup.

    - and this might just be me, but I don’t think it should dual boot WinRT. I honestly just don’t see the point. It could make a very nice companion to the actual Surface, but it shouldn’t replace it.

    - maybe have a type/touch cover-like attachment, to improve productivity.

    Just my two cents.

  • Ariel

    Awesome design, it kind of reminds me of the Zune HD by Zune. But I like it

  • hamearl

    Love the idea of no connection ports. The design is awesome. I was thinking a few days ago how much space a Phone can gain if no ports. More room for many other features such as more modems to connect to all (at least US) cellular bands and NFC.

    • Henry


      the future is wireless.
      Awesome design!

  • NghiV

    This render is just bad. The button placement, the no headphone port, and the camera size is bad, but 1920 x 1080 is just plain stupid. At 5.1″ with an aspect ratio of 16:9, the DPI would measure 431.94. Not to mention how much battery it would suck to power that much screen. I understand concepts are allowed to have new ideas, but this one takes the cake.

    • RedSamurai

      You have unlocked a new achievement: “iDiot Commentator of the Year” :D

      Normally, I wouldn’t argue with ignorant haters but nevertheless I’ll throw you a bone so that you will hopefully spare yourself embarrassment next time… Here’s a hint for you: “HTC Droid DNA”

  • Brian hickey

    Love the clean look of it. Where did you find that wallpaper?

  • jim

    A non removal battery is a bad idea. I don’t want to buy a phone where I have to buy another portable charger. Why is it that when a new phone arrive, the previous valued stand point is left out? Why no ports? Why non removable battery? Why big bum screens which easily breaks? Why can’t Nokia create smart phone that are durable,reliable,customizable,ergonomical,practical and yet futuristic phone that answer the needs of people today? Why new more expensive phones which has less app? Why such excessively powerful camera? That too no front facing camera. Seriously you call this a completely a NEW product? I have alwaysed used a Nokia phone but its a shame to see that it’s growing backward with “forward” ideas. I’m honestly disappointed. This is typed from a useless keyboard of a Lumia 820 Nokia windows phone.


      I think you retarded and backwards not nokia.

  • Jonathan

    I would love to see a smartphone like this from Microsoft, however I think some of these specs might be a little optimistic; some of them would be higher than the Surface tablet.

  • Mark

    I like the design, but echo some of the other comments. I love 128GB, but not sure in the form factor that would work or the necessity of microSD then. But that is a dream machine for sure.

    I like the 4.7 form factor of my Titan a lot, so I am not necessarily in favor of the 5.x. I think that is unnecessary, particularly with possible 7″ Surface on the way (fingers crossed). Keep the phone the phone and the tablet the tablet.

    My wish list is unlikely but simple: move the phone jack to the bottom with the micoUSB. I love the Zune with the cable on the bottom and wish phones would do the same. Makes slipping into the pocket effortless, and out of the way when listening.

    I do love the look though, and looking at my Zune HD and Suface RT, Microsoft can make some sturdy, sleek devices when they are pressed.

  • jabtano

    I love the design..Yanko design are always amazing looking.

  • Elton Audinett

    You are so right!
    I bought a Nokia lumia 900 with expectation!
    I had palm held computers in 2005
    it like the phone company’s are forcing us to buy a companion PC for our phone that can only connect to, and through Zune software
    The bluetooth is not compatible with anything
    You have the right idea, but your phone might have to be a phablet to carry all that hardware!
    The problem I found with curved surfaces, it hard to get protective skins, compare d lumia800 vs 900 screens
    Software; accidental loss of data due to only backbutton, needs a forward button to return to,or a ask 1st before dumping the page/ screen am working on!

  • dac1026

    Honestly, this is the best looking phone I’ve ever seen in an iPhone/Samsung-dominated market. Very clean and utilitarian. This hardware design plus a proper notification center would make an excellent device.