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Speedo Plus : a FREE GPS speedometer for Windows Phone

Speedo Plus Windows Phone

Speedo Plus Windows Phone

Usually I do the reviews from the comforts of my home but I had to get out and about with the camera to get some shots for this one. We will be taking a closer look at Speedo Plus a FREE GPS speedometer for Windows Phone. Speedo Plus is the 1st Windows Phone App by Long Zheng , most of you might know him from ( or perhaps you might know him as one of the guys behind Cheveron Labs ).

Speedo Plus is a very simple app, it does not offer a tonne of features but it offers all the basic things you might look for in a speedometer app and it does its job of functioning as a speedometer app quite efficiently. The app is very Metro’ey , dont tell me you didn’t see that coming from the guy who has a Windows PC twitter app that takes after the metro design. You will see that the app’s icon will respect your choice of theme color on your Windows Phone.

Once you launch the app you are taken in to the main menu which shows you how fast you are traveling and the direction in which you are moving ( as long as the app can get a GPS fix on your position ) and you will also notice that the app will load up an transparent underlay of what looks like Bing Maps. You can toggle this feature using the button on the top right which will be visible when you touch the screen. This also brings up a few other options like switching between metric (km/h) and imperial (mph) measurements or toggling the windscreen mode which allows the user to read the measurements off the reflection of a glass. Some other things you will notice is that the app will display a running graph of the speed over time and touching on the screen brings up a few other readings like average and maximum speed for the trip and the distance traveled.

A few issues I noticed here was that if you try using the app in sunlight the Bing Map might not be that easy to see, might be an issue with the Omnia 7 but having the transparent Bing maps does not help, perhaps an option to select the level of transparency could be added. You will also see that if you want display things like the average speed you have to click on the screen to bring it up there is no real way to make that readings available on the screen by default.

To bring up some advance option you can click and hold anywhere on the screen , this brings up an option to reset the trip, disable location access or check the about screen. If you click on disable location access you get a GPS Speedometer which can’t access the GPS readings from the device, which leaves the app …. you get where I am going with this don’t you … but I guess it’s a requirement that all Windows Phone apps that use GPS should provide the user an option to disable the GPS access from within the app.

So you can see from the video the readings are quite accurate and as one would expect there can be a few instances where the app might take a moment to get the right speed ( thinks of instances like a sudden stop , a sharp turn , etc ). To sum up Speedo Plus is a nice little GPS speedometer for Windows Phone, that does not offer lot of the fancy shmancy stuff like a speedometer dial but does most of the things you would want from decent little GPS speedometer app.

I reviewed version 1.1, the app has now been updated to version 1.3 which add a couple of new features like speed alerts and bug fixes. Long Zheng has also informed us the visibility of Bing Maps has been considerably improved in latest version.

Speedo Plus Video

Speedo Plus Screenshots

Version Under Review : 1.1

Website : istartedsomething, Twitter : @longzheng

There is a trial version ( which is fully functional and there is no time limit on it ) available and the full version is available for $0.99. Trial is fully featured and has no ads but you can buy the app to support the developer.

Speedo Plus WP7 Download

WP7 Marketplace Download

Marketplace Download

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  • Tim

    too simple for my liking .. a GPS speedometer needs an analog speedometer dial UI

  • techieg

    Nice try, however, a speedometer needs to be built into the GPS itself. Having it overlay the map I am supposed to drive with may be confusing. I just think Microsoft needs to get its act together and deliver w viable GPS feature instead of the incomplete crap they have on Mango that requires tapping for it to do anything at all, including route to one’s destination or re-route if you miss your route.

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