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SMSRule 4.3 - hide your SMS on Windows Mobile



SMSRules is an app developed with help of open source project MAPIDotNet . This app basically is used for creating filtering rules for SMSes in the SMS INBOX.


  • Moving, Copying, Deleting or Hiding a SMS.
  • Option to create rules on user or a text in the sms body
  • Can view and delete rules.
  • Can create or delete folder in SMS account
  • Auto run for individual rules or option to run all rules whenever user wants, by running an exe.
  • Simple Deployment. works from storage Card.
  • Needs .NET CF 3.5
  • Easy interface

windows mobile freeware : SMS Rule

Developers Site


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  • sd cards

    Wow amazing and interesting too!All of its functionalities are really good and helpful.But how ca one be so much sure that no one can get access to that hidden SMS?Ne ways i will be keeping a close eye on your each post.

  • craaze

    Faketext is a hot new app that allow you to hide your real text messages on your iPhone. Check it out at, you can go there straight from your iPhone since it is a webapp and is free.

  • Mike

    Great tool. I share a new text messages encryption software for Windows Mobile phones called WMkits SMS Encryption. It can encrypt and hide the SMS messages (including existing SMS messages and future incoming/outgoing SMS messages) on your windows mobile device. Give it a try.

  • ordan

    You morans this is not a win phone 7 app !!! stop fooling everybody

    • Saijo George

      no one claimed it to be a windows phone app, this post was from Jan 2010 I don’t think WP7 was even announced at that stage . Unfortunately I am not aware of an app that can hide SMS on Windows Phone :(