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| August 28, 2014

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Smart Dialer for Windows Phone |


Smart Dialer is a homebrew app for for Windows Phone developed by Deadknight , unlike the stock metro dialer this app can give you all the results for the numbers you enter kinda like instant results as you type in the numbers. The app only work on unlocked Mango devices.

The app has been tested on HD2 (7720), Omnia 7 (7720), HD7 (7720) I have run it on the Omnia 7 and it works, there is a bit of lag but it functions as expected. You have 4-5 preset themes that you can pick from the settings pages. You are also presented with the option of toggling the sound and haptic feedback. I dont think this is one of that app that I will have to use everyday but if you are looking for a dialer that will suggest numbers to you as you type them in then this is exactly what this app does.

via WMPU Download from xda-devs



  1. markiz

    what would exactly be the point of having these suggestions?

    to me it seems like i should memorize numbers and than as i type them, this dialer suggests them and saves me a couple of taps.. i think people hab, groups and contact pinning are better options.

    Or am i missing something?

    PS: it also looks awful

  2. Everything is about MANGO, I want it now!

  3. Deadknight

    Hi, it’s not only using numbers you can search name as well. There are selection of themes in the application you can use one of them or provide one on the topic.


  4. Dlanor

    Check for this one officially on the Marketplace, does more, runs faster and yet is free

  5. Major thankies for the blog.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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