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Skype and SkyDrive on Windows Phone updated




Although there was no notification around, we found out that Skype and SkyDrive on Windows Phone were updated today.

I  downloaded the Skype update immediately  because of course I was curious if the app is able to receive calls while the app is closed. Sadly it is not. It loads faster, but there is no option in settings that asks for signalizing incoming phone calls.

Also the list of features that will be used by the app does not contain anything about incoming calls. I guess we will still have to wait. As soon as we got news why there is no incoming call feature, we will keep you informed.

As the app is still not searchable in Marketplace, here is the download link.

Also Microsoft´s SkyDrive app for Windows Phone received an update today. The app loads also faster now, but there are no additional settings.

Only changes we found were the ability to switch between a detailed list view and a thumbnail view in files, recent and shared page as well as the ability for multiple selections of files on your SkyDrive to download or delet.

You can download or update the app by clicking on this download link.

Marketplace Download

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