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| August 27, 2014

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Skype and 25 top iOS & Android apps headed to WP7 |

Skype on WP7

Skype on WP7

I posted a video of Rob Wolf interviewing Rick Osterloh yesterday, today our friends over at WinSuperSite have found some information that leads us to believe Skype is on its way to Windows Phone in the first half of 2012

Microsoft has planned to deliver the Windows Phone version of Skype in the first half of 2012

and if thats not something to look forward to then the thought of the top 25 Android and iOS apps most surely is.

The actual app list is at present unknown but what we do know is Microsoft is throwing “tens of millions of dollars over three years” to promote the top apps.

Microsoft actually plans to get all “top 25 apps” from both iOS and Android onto Windows Phone before the end of the first half of 2012. What’s more, for those apps that will not come to Windows Phone (Pandora is cited as an example), Microsoft will promote competing apps with “tens of millions of dollars” over the next three years.

It comes as no surprise to you that I want more developers coding for Windows Phone, with this approach lets hope Microsoft gets the much needed developers that we all know are needed to take on the ‘big boys’.

Source : WinSuperSite and WMPU


  1. Griot28

    I’m glad more apps are coming and that they will support competing apps. Companies refusal to make apps always confuse me. I know are numbers are small but the WP7 community loves well made apps [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

    • Edwin

      Sadly small numbers mean small profit. But it’s always good news that quality apps will be ported to wp7

  2. Victor Roos

    Please start with Skype.
    Im plus is so derpy.. :D

    What for other apps can we expect? [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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