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[Rumor] Possible Windows Phone 8 features leaked?

According to they have received a list of features of Windows Phone 8 from the Chinese Windows Phone forum

Sam from read a thread on their forum which was gaining his attention. As you can see by clicking this link, the translation of the Chinese language is a bit special. Sam decided to ask at the forum for help and they received a perfect translated list:

  • Gravity induction. This is for games and file system. Think like a tilt mechanism but for ups and downs. For example: you can enlarge thumbnails in the file system simply by lifting the device closer to your eyes.
  • Major changes in the Internet Explorer
  • Ability to add folders
  • Enriched characters for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Bulk SMS/MMM delete
  • No major UI changes, yet

They claim also the Windows Phone Mango Pre-beta had the ability to close apps and games with an X-icon in Mango´s task switcher, but it was removed from the final build. The same could happen to the obviously currently supported VPN support.

Please take this list as what it is: still rumors. The author of our source is from China and makes us believe in the list above.

source: WMPU

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