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| August 27, 2014

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[ Rumor ] No Windows Phone Samsung devices from 2013 ? |



This is just a rumor but coming from SamFirmware ( the guys who release various Sammy ROMS ) we think it might have some weight. We have seen the SamFirmware twitter account tweet about this rumor a couple of times Tweet1, Tweet2 and they believe Samsung will stop Windows Phone at the end of 2012.

Lets pause for a second and see why :

Samsung is doing great with Android, but they have pissed off Apple in the process and now their android tablet market is paying the price, ( more info ) but Sammy is not reliant on just android and is said to announce a Windows 8 Tablet at Microsoft’s BUILD developers’ conference. ( more info ). Samsung could be worried that if they stick to just Android their Mobile lineup could possibly face the same sort of issue. The Samsung devices were well received by consumers using Windows Phone ( but there were some major issues with the rolling out of updates which annoyed a lot of users ) and windows phone could offer them something in the long run in the mobile space but .. Nokia and Microsoft has got in to a strategic alliance and Nokia will be given some extra privileges over the other OEMs , same goes for the recent Google Motorola acquisition from the Android camp .. now lets not forget Samsung has an in house Mobile OS called Bada and have recently released info about some new devices like The Samsung Wave 3, Wave Y, and Wave M running the latest version of Samsung’s Bada OS and the new Bada 2.0 updgrade bings a lot of new features like multi-tasking, Wi-Fi Direct , Near Field Communication (NFC), voice recognition, mobile payment, HTML5 and Flash for a ‘complete web experience’.( more info ). So with that in mind let me paint you a picture :

Samsung Bada

Samsung Bada

What do you guys think ? Will we see more focus on Bada from Samsung ?


  1. Alan

    That’s what we need yet another OS to enter the fray. I’m sorry, but the reason I have a windows phone and a pc and eventually a Windows 8 tablet is so that everything connects and the programs and files etc are the same on everything.

    • Zero

      Well Said! Everything just works with the Microsoft (Windows) ecosystem seamlessly! Love Windows / Microsoft.

  2. omnia7user

    I think is just a rumor as you said creating windows8 tablet and 2013 is too far for plan.. Even is TRUE that can be change if the selling is high..

  3. Casey_boy

    Silly mistaky!

    Could it prove to be a HP – WebOS move? Maybe not, but I think it would be silly to give up on both Android and WP.

  4. Ariana Roxanna

    If it’s taking so long for a brilliant OS like WP7 to take off, I can’t imagine something like Bada ever making it big time. It looks too much like android, and static icons are sooo last decade… or at least will be very soon. Hey maybe they should try getting some creative minds into their developments so next time Apple DON’T sue them? Just a thought.

    • Just Visiting

      @Ariana Roxanna…But Bada has already taken off! Bada was released in Asia and a few other countries, and it outsold WP last quarter. Bada is considered a smartphone OS, and is probably more affordable than WP or Android. Imagine if Samsung released Bada devices in other countries, while slowly decreasing their Android offerings…It may ‘look’ like Android, but it is slightly different so Android fans may be willing to ‘cross over’ if Android becomes less available.

      It makes sense for Samsung to invest in their own OS; WP licenses cost money – why would they continue with WP when their own OS and ecosystem is growing?

  5. manf

    Big Mistake by Samsung if they do this

  6. I will be so glad I put off purchasing a 2010 version, as the new models with all the thinner frames look SO much better. Plus, they come in a top end touch remote control like last years’s 9000.

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