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| August 27, 2014

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[ RUMOR ] Copy & Paste on Windows Phone 7 sooner than you think ? |



Well this is a rumor that we hope turns out to be true. According to a hacker at xda-devs who goes by the handle RustyGrom. It is possible that WP7 will have copy paste functionality. He did a bit of snooping around on the Windows Phone 7 emulator and in a file officeres.dll. He found the following bit of code

 ± S e l e c t A l l P a s t e C o p y C u t € U n d o


&@D o n e ‘@C a n c e l  C o p y / P a s t e 9@S e l e c t T e x t € @P a s t e &@ € ‘@


@C o p y @C u t B@D e l e t e @S e l e c t A l l € -@C l o s e @ € -@

It sure looks like it has something to do with Copy Paste but this is non sure shot indicator that it is coming for sure, but it does get our hopes high. :)

Credit to ElCondor for the find via xda-developers


  1. riccardo

    officeres.dll is related to office version.. this only says that there’s a cut/copy/paste menu into office and it’s obvious that office has this function.. the problem is to understand whether the clipboard is a wm7 system-wide service or implemented just in office…

  2. that would make sense.. hope it is not just office , that would be lame ..

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