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| August 28, 2014

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[Rumor] Changes coming to Lumia Windows Phones with Windows Phone Tango |



nokia-lumia-710-and-nokia-lumia-800 was tipped by a user that there will be several changes to Lumia devices once the Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh gets released.

  • Marketplace will be renamed as “Nokia market place” with Nokia store´s logo. This matches also some screenshots that we have seen in the past.
  • Further improvements to battery life.
  • Nokia will release an App which allows Bluetooth file transfer for Lumia phones. Nokia has already a Bluetooth app that transfers contacts between devices.

Nokia is still working hard to differentiate their Lumia devices from the other OEM ones.

Here is another rumor:

Amit also reports that in reply to his question “whether current Lumia devices would be updated to Apollo” he was ascertained that Lumias will receive many future updates including “Major ones”.

Please take this as what it is: only rumors. In June, when Microsoft is about to hold a developer summit, we maybe will know more about the upcoming Apollo update.


  1. wonder if we can side load that Bluetooth file transfer app on to other devices

  2. JDogg

    Great news .. nice find guys

  3. Kayyum

    Its just rumours I don’t believe it till they release it

  4. AndroidBoy

    Windows Phone going to FAIL, in the end Android will WIN

    • UMovies

      WIn 8 device’s are gonna rule the universe, apple is gonna get a worm, and google is gonna change there name to frugle as win domance will make quit wasting money on google devices, and get back to what got them here being a search engine

      • AndroidBoy

        ROFL!!!!! You kidding me .. more than 1 yr in the market and they don’t have 1% market share .. Android was challenging the iPhone domination in one year with double figure marketshare . Should I remind you who is on top now ???

        • Cwa

          As you said “on- top NOW”

          But we will see, my android friend

          • jaydee777

            hater A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

    • jaydee777

      Hating is a serious sign of weakness. Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.”

  5. Muneeb Phansopkar

    Proud Owner of Lumia 710 [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

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