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1800PocketPC | August 23, 2014

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Remote Desktop : a VNC app for Windows Phone 7

Remote Desktop 004

Remote Desktop

VNC sounds geeky enough to scare you away ? It stands for Virtual Network Computing and the idea is to give you full view, and control, of any computer running VNC without physically being in front of it, in short you can access it from anywhere you have internet access: from a different room in your house, at work, on the train, you get the idea. Remote Desktop is a VNC app for Windows Phone 7, put two and two together and so you can remote control your PC from your Windows Phone 7.. sounds interesting ? check out the press release for the app

WP7 App Description

Remote Desktop for Windows Phone 7 lets you access, view and control your computers using your phone from anywhere in the world. You have full control of your computer’s mouse and keyboard. Use your touch screen to move mouse, zoom in/out of remote screen, or use keyboard. Visit our website for more detailed information. E-mail us at for any help, comments, suggestions or support questions. We offer free remote assistance to help you setup your computer for access, please contact us if you need help. We do not have the ability to contact reviewers posting problems, so please e-mail us so that we can help you.

This application requires you to install WP7 RemoteDesktop server and VNC server on your computer so that you can access it remotely. You can download these from our website. This application does not support RDP at the moment but support for RDP will be coming in an update soon.

If you are updating from older version, you may need to uninstall existing version and then install this again.

New in version 1.2:
+ Locale fix for non-US languages

New in version 1.1:
+ Uses less bandwidth
+ Use custom ports to connect to multiple computers behind a router
+ Quick scroll buttons to scroll up/down in any window
+ Send ctrl+alt+del (requires compatible VNC server)
+ Multiple monitor support (requires compatible VNC server)
+ Bug fixes & small UI tweaks

Remote Desktop Screenshots

More Info :

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