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Record Phone Calls on Windows Mobile


If you have a Windows Mobile 6.1 device, chances are you will be able to enable in call recording on your device. It was tested on HTC devices like HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Diamond and was working on them. It might also work on the older devices and non HTC models. You can enable this in 2 ways

Method 1 – Edit the Registry :

Create a key called “AudioRecording” in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\” and inside that key you’ve created, add a new dword called “Enabled” with a value of 00000001. Create a key called “Voice” inside “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft” and inside that new key create two dword entries called “EnableCallRecordMenuItem” and “AllowInCallRecording“, both with the same value of 00000001. Soft reset your device.

Method 2 – Install the cab :
Install : Enable Call Recording , reboot the phone.

Successfull activation of native in-call recording will put a “Record” option in your in call soft menu. Tapping “Record” will record from that point on and save the wave format file you’ve just recorded to Device\My Documents\Notes.

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NOTE : Recoding a telephone conversation, might not be legal in many countries. If its against the law in your county. plz dont use this app. Typical use of this app is in situations like recoding an interview with permission to record from both the person

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  • Puck

    Doesn’t work on Omnia (((

  • Saijo George

    Was it on WM6.1 ?

  • Puck

    sure, it’s on 6.1
    I did second way (install cab), SR, then I did make a call and press menu, record doesn’t appear (((

  • ohms

    Doesn’t work for Xperia either :(

  • sundar

    tried the software. installed the qvga, restart and the vga patch on a htc diamond. when i went to menu, there was an additional blank option, but no recording.

    where did i go wrong….

  • Claus

    Yes – it works perfectly on a HTC Touch Diamond II!

  • Vijjyu

    It is not working for me on my HTC Touch Diamond. Pls. suggest.


  • ProImage

    Yes, I agree this works!!! Installed on VZW Touch Pro with no problems!! I used the reg edits method. Just make sure to follow the instructions EXACTLY, following all capitals and do not use any quotation marks (“).

  • Arellias

    When starting the call, go to Menu, Create Note, View Recording Toolbar, and start the recording.

  • Tom

    I used the second method to download the cab file in My HTC Touch Pro. The record button shows up in NOTES under OPTIONS, but it will not record the person’s voice I’m calling. I also noted that it only records for a short period of time and then stops.
    In the State of Oregon, it is legal to record telephone conversations as long as one person knows the conversation is being recorded.

  • tia

    Worked brilliant on my HTC Touch HD using the cab install method

  • D

    No dice on Treo Pro.

  • koldun

    AFAIK, no WM device will record both parties at equal level because it's made via microphone therefore owner voice is louder even if the speaker is activated for the other party. A happy new year!

  • http://gmail kiran

    sir send me the file pls

  • JohnBush

    fascinating . i used WM Sound Recorder to record my HTC Touch Pro phone conversation. It could record outgoing and incoming calls automatically. perfect for windows mobile.

    The problem is now i use a blackberry. does it work on it ?

  • Saijo George

    @ JohnBush : there might be other apps that does work for a blackberry but this will not work on a BB

  • JustinC

    Works for me on Sprint Touch Pro, w/ Firmware update. Thanks!


    How can I delete recorded sound from My Device / My document / Note . Can you Guide me please…

  • TEK

    My Touch Pro 2 (WM 6.5) only records what I say, but not what the other person says.
    Does anyone know anything about that??? (I used the RegEdit method)

    NIRAV, go to the “Note”-menu, press the sound file like you do when you open it, but keep it pressed a second or so until a menu pops up. Then just press “Delete”.

    • PowerUser

      dont think this will work on wm6.5, this is a really old hack

  • s.sohan4u

    shr. my windows mobail htc p3650 free trail call recorders

  • s.sohan4u

    Shr. My wm6.1 pocket pc HTCp3650 for free trail In Call Recorder v1.0 Build 1821.242 – record phone calls on Windows Mobile

  • Dorji

    how to install call recording in my cell i.e. htc diamond touch. window mobile 6.1
    if anyone can help me i will be very grateful to u all

  • Balendra
  • Marinos

    It doesn’t work on my i-mate 8502. I tried everything, and I also installed many programs for call recording, but nothing is recorded! Any help please?

  • jaazz

    tried it on ma windows mobile 6.1 :( didn’t work. if anyone knows where i can download this software.,plizz let me know :)

  • GB

    WORK on HTC Touch 2 T333 ! Both ways.