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Record Phone Calls on Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile 6.5, Winmobile apps, Windows Mobile freeware

If you have a Windows Mobile 6.1 device, chances are you will be able to enable in call recording on your device. It was tested on HTC devices like HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Diamond and was working on them. It might also work on the older devices and non HTC models. You can enable this in 2 ways:

Method 1 – Edit the Registry :
Create a key called “AudioRecording” in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystem” and inside that key you’ve created, add a new dword called “Enabled” with a value of 00000001. Create a key called “Voice” inside “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoft” and inside that new key create two dword entries called “EnableCallRecordMenuItem” and “AllowInCallRecording“, both with the same value of 00000001. Soft reset your device.

Method 2 – Install the cab :
Install : Enable Call Recording , reboot the phone.

Successfull activation of native in-call recording will put a “Record” option in your in call soft menu. Tapping “Record” will record from that point on and save the wave format file you’ve just recorded to DeviceMy DocumentsNotes.

NOTE : Recoding a telephone conversation, might not be legal in many countries. If its against the law in your county. Please don’t use this app. Typical use of this app is in situations like recoding an interview with permission to record from both the person

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  • On April 14, 2009
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  • s.sohan4u

    Shr. My wm6.1 pocket pc HTCp3650 for free trail In Call Recorder v1.0 Build 1821.242 – record phone calls on Windows Mobile

  • Dorji

    how to install call recording in my cell i.e. htc diamond touch. window mobile 6.1
    if anyone can help me i will be very grateful to u all

  • Balendra
  • Marinos

    It doesn’t work on my i-mate 8502. I tried everything, and I also installed many programs for call recording, but nothing is recorded! Any help please?

  • jaazz

    tried it on ma windows mobile 6.1 :( didn’t work. if anyone knows where i can download this software.,plizz let me know :)

  • GB

    WORK on HTC Touch 2 T333 ! Both ways.