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| August 27, 2014

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PocketPlasma - A Plasma Globe on your Windows Mobile Phone |

bbonzz is no stranger around this part of the world. He has developed many a fun apps for Windows Mobile Phones. The latest one is PocketPlasma which adds A Plasma Globe on your Windows Mobile Phone. As his other apps they come in 2 flavor. The freeware version which has only one kind of gas inside it (Neon-Xenon) that produces pink/violet plasma , you dont get to choose any reflections on the globe nor will you be able to choose the type of plasma filament. The donation ware version ( any amount you like ) gives you 7 gases mixtures, 6 globe reflections and 2 type of plasma filament. You can also switch the sound on and off plus you get a randomizer button which will choose a random gases mixture, globe reflection and plasma filament.

Usage instructions are quite simple. Turn on the Plasma Globe move your finger on the globe to generate the electrostatic “point of attraction” you can move it around with your finger and stop it by moving the finger away from the globe. One issue I noticed with the app was that the loading time between the screens were a bit long.

windows mobile freeware : PocketPlasma

Developers Site

[ QR Code links to developers Page ]


Here is a new way to download the latest pocket pc software to your Windows Phone. Use your favorite windows mobile QR Code / 2D Barcode Reader app and decode the image on the right and the Windows Mobile App on this page will be downloaded straight to your Windows Mobile. How easy is that !!!

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IMPORTANT NOTE : If there is no download or multiple files to download for this app, the QRcode will be linked to the the current page on or to the download url provided by the developer.

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